Our Leadership
The 2016 Global Collective Steering Committee


Havas PR is the public relations arm of global advertising and communications services group Havas, working in 75-plus countries on six continents. In September 2012, we changed our name from Euro RSCG Worldwide PR and started calling ourselves a collective—but don’t worry, we are a capitalist enterprise, even though we’re bound by the Red Thread (click here to see how we use the strategy to connect with clients, influencers and consumers).

Our Strategic Planning

For clients new and existing, we do not wait for the next headline, we newscraft it to make the future ours today. The Havas PR toolbox has been revamped to reflect the 365/24/7 news cycle we live in, the sophisticated consumer that drives our clients’ businesses and the blurring lines between categories. Through the power of storytelling, Havas PR weaves a global narrative that drives behavior change and puts our clients at the center of cultural storms. The Red Thread framework is our unique storytelling tool that allows us to thread the essence of a client’s company or brand through a global narrative that is told across multiple channels.


Anger and tinkering are two responses to current tribulations. What else is in store for 2016? In addition to the übertrend of unease prevailing, Havas PR’s latest annual trends report forecasts cyber self-control for tech addiction, the continuing rise of B.S., renewables chic, DIY apps and regional cities as the new magnets. Download the report to read about these trends and more.