How We View and Make News

The raw material of journalism is news—new information, or new perspectives on familiar information. The same applies to PR.

Journalism looks for information and angles that will generate attention-grabbing headlines; so does PR. Journalism aims to craft relevant information into interesting articles that will hold people’s attention and shape their opinions; so does PR.

Journalism is being forced to adapt to a media environment in which consumers can quickly flit among outlets that satisfy their needs for information, entertainment and interaction; so is PR.

Both journalists and PR practitioners have to know and do what it takes to engage the interest of their audience.

Being newscrafters is part of Havas PR’s innovative positioning as future creators, working to originate the next headline. We know that creativity, real time and trends are redefining news. Click here to discover 10 trends shaping the way news is made and 10 social platforms transforming PR and brand marketing—plus much more that’s determining how news is created and consumed.