Who We Are

Havas PR is the public relations arm of global advertising and communications services group Havas, working in 75-plus countries on six continents. In September 2012, we changed our name from Euro RSCG Worldwide PR and started calling ourselves a collective—but don’t worry, we are a capitalist enterprise, even though we’re bound by the Red Thread (click here to see how we use the strategy to connect with clients, influencers and consumers).

The name change helped us realize our dormant power, and we quickly began transforming ourselves into a real global PR force. Re-energized, we unearthed truly best-in-class assets, including our greatest one: local excellence that blossoms as a global collective. Although each agency office in each market has a unique mix of products and services, we’re all connected to one another through a mindset, a way of working, a strategic toolbox and a commitment to greatness, focused on stewarding the brands and issues in our care to fantastic results.

We believe great creativity comes from global tools (and constant connectivity) versus command and control. Among our thought leadership tools is TrendsU, through which 700-plus Havas “students” feed us smart trends from around the world. It’s one of many ways we live our “future first” mantra. Future first is how every employee in every agency and discipline companywide views the world, with eyes trained on the horizon and on all things social.

Corporate communications is more vital than ever. Companies have to quickly find their place in this new world and reinvent their strategies for telling audiences who they are and what they stand for. We understand the pressing need to tailor communication to the new environment—and to envision the one that’s coming next. We are pioneering spirits and passionate communicators, constantly seeking out unconventional opportunities and focused on creating future momentum. We build and transform businesses, brands and reputations by creating new solutions to complex challenges.

New technologies and management solutions are opening doors, but ultimately, human communication and personal connections—building trust—are the key to success now. That’s true whether you’re talking about emerging markets or established, or troubled, economies. As we live the new age of transparent dialogues with clients’ audiences, we enter their communities, both real and virtual. Plus, Havas PR doesn’t just get our clients in the news; we get our clients to be the news. And we have the connections essential to do so—to media, to key influencers, to consumers, to global trends and news, to the future.