Age-Related Macular Degeneration

[Agency: Havas PR Warsaw]

Challenge: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common pathology of eye spots and the main cause of blindness in the developed world in people over 50. In Poland, the number of patients is around 1.2 million people. For our client Novartis, we needed to educate the public, patients and the media in the field of retinal diseases.

Actions: Havas PR Warsaw arranged mass preventive medical examinations for diagnosing retinal disease in four Polish cities during the sixth-annual Retina Week. Ophthalmologists and diabetes nurses conducted consultations. The Warsaw event took place in a crowded part of the city (Old Town) in a special eye tent. The aim of such an unconventional tactic was to draw attention to the problem among media and passersby. Our agency also co-organized the Retina Bus, where free retinal screening tests for people with diabetes were offered.

Results: During the program’s two days, about 1,000 people were tested. The campaign resulted in more than 100 publications in the key opinion media (opinion-forming dailies, radio, TV), giving approximately 5 million impressions. We also established cooperation with Catholic media to gain a specific target group of consumers, for whom such media are crucial.