Fragile Childhood

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Helsinki]

Challenge: Adults under the influence of alcohol don’t always think of how scary they might look in the eyes of a child, how alone the child feels. News about children being left alone by parents who use alcohol heavily is the other extreme, and we were challenged to bring it to light. We focused on how a child would feel if left alone—even if parents are present but under the influence of alcohol.

Actions: First, our print campaign gave a voice to the child. Later, the campaign was published to media and moved to the Internet and continued on the same path. We wanted to motivate people in Finland who have suffered from parental alcohol misuse to share their experiences, to anonymously submit their stories related to this very difficult and painful topic at Fragile Childhood’s website.

Results: We exceeded the target amount of stories submitted by more than 300 percent. After the first week, the tally of YouTube views was more than 20,000—a lot in the Finland market alone. The topic was published in all main news media in print, TV and digital channels, including a request to talk on national TV morning news. Our film was chosen as Society Communication Act of the Year in Finland with an honorary mention and awarded in a dozen international and national advertising competitions.