[Agency: Havas Formula]

Challenge: Seeking to capture modern Latinas while recognizing this audience’s propensity to living culture their own way, Nestlé USA aligned its NESTLÉ Abuelita and NESCAFÉ Café de Olla brands with one of the most celebrated and dynamic holidays: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Havas Formula was charged with developing and executing a comprehensive PR program to encourage consumers to celebrate this holiday a su manera (in their own way) with the beloved beverage brands.

Actions: We engaged with Hispanic and general-market media and bloggers through press releases and themed pitches, leveraging cultural experts to provide tips to consumers on how to celebrate Día de los Muertos a su manera: how to make papel picado, put on catrina makeup, make specialty recipes using Nestlé brands and more. We also orchestrated a daylong immersion about the holiday and brands with top Latina blogueras at Nestlé USA’s headquarters and coordinated and facilitated an L.A. media tour with brand director Juan Motta and cultural expert Daniel Galo on the same topics. We participated in cultural events to drive awareness and provide product demos. A Día de los Muertos media mailer including samples, a personalized calavera poem and other thematic items, plus key media giveaways that we developed, rounded out our program.

Results: In five weeks, we generated 602 placements equaling almost 140 million impressions (more than $1.1 million in ad equivalency). Our agency secured participation in the immersion from 14 influential Latina bloggers, garnering 1 million gross impressions as a result of that event. We conducted various in-person, phone and email interviews with outlets such as LA TV, Univision 34, La Opinión and Huffington Post Voces. And the brand came very much alive when 40,000-plus people celebrated cultura a su manera with the Nestlé brands at the Hollywood Forever Día de los Muertos event.


[Agency: Havas Formula]

Challenge: Kashi, the premier natural food company acquired by Kellogg’s, tasked Havas Formula with promoting its GOLEAN cereals, highlighting the fact that they offer as much protein as an egg. Our challenge was to help change consumer perception—to the fact that that protein could be plant-based, healthy and found in cereal—while preserving the natural brand’s identity through ongoing influencer outreach and media coverage.

Actions: Our agency hosted the Kashi’s Better Breakfast Diner Takeover event, allowing top-tier media and influencers to meet with Kashi brand managers and experience diner-inspired, protein-filled dishes incorporating GOLEAN cereals (like the GOLEAN Scramble). We partnered with online health and wellness portal Spark People and healthy lifestyle blog the DailySpark to execute a consumer survey and leverage newsworthy insights and statistics for media outreach. In addition, we distributed a creative mailer containing key messages and GOLEAN samples to nutritionists and fitness experts, and we conducted aggressive sampling and continuous outreach to media and influencers.

Results: Our targeted media relations campaign (with minimal budget) secured press coverage across nearly 50 top-tier outlets, including “Today” and “The Early Show,” plus fitness and women’s/lifestyle publications, websites and blogs, garnering 80 million impressions. We had effectively communicated the key message, connecting these cereals with protein in the eyes of consumers and establishing Kashi GOLEAN as a protein-rich breakfast food. Through the unique diner event and one-on-one interaction with brand managers, Kashi reinforced its natural identity and further preserved the integrity of the brand as distinct from its parent company, Kellogg’s.


[Agency: Havas Formula]

Challenge: Looking to drive overall sales of the Heineken brand during key holiday weekends in January and February—New Year’s, Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day—Havas Formula’s experiential team executed a targeted sampling program at key retailer Costco.

Actions: We supported an endcap display and engaged with consumers in an effort to lift sales during scheduled demos. Two key ways our agency did that: We got consumers to experience the beer’s ingredients—to see, smell and touch the barley, wheat and more—and we offered special glassware to attract them during the busy holiday season and as a reward for the purchase of every case.

Results: Over two months encompassing four holidays, we conducted 70 demos. Sales increased by 99 percent from the previous year during the same time period, and Heineken had the No. 1 case average of anywhere in the country with an average of 50 cases sold per store. In Costco’s Redwood City, California, store alone, the number of cases sold increased by 244 percent. In total, our program helped sell 847 Heineken cases across 17 Costco locations. Proost!


[Agency: Havas PR Global Collective]

Challenge: Support media outreach and coordination of international press outlets for the event launching Katy Perry’s Killer Queen fragrance.

Actions: As the global agency of record for Coty, we established a team and a process that allowed for 24/7 rolling time-zone support for corporate PR and issues management, global product launches, high-profile event management and more. So when the global beauty leader celebrated the worldwide launch of Perry’s debut fragrance with Coty in Berlin, Havas PR was ready. We not only supported media outreach but also helped coordinate all aspects of the event, including a personal appearance and media day around an in-store appearance, as well as a press stunt, an international press junket and in-store signing with consumers. We provided an on-site staffer from our Havas Germany office for international media management and coordination and ensured that the event reached beyond German borders and capitalized on Katy Perry’s global career.

Results: From this one evening, media impressions across five target countries totaled 143 million.

Arla Lactofree

[Agency: Havas PR UK]

Challenge: Lactofree wanted to move away from being a problem/solution brand and appeal to a wider audience by breaking out of the “beige” world of food intolerances. Our job was to support NPD (Lactofree Spreadable) and cross-sell the range.

Actions: We secured a series of partnerships, such as one with Lola’s cupcakes to develop and support its first-ever lactose-free cupcake (made with Lactofree products). We created a listing for the cupcake throughout Lola’s stores and concessions and positioned Lactofree Strawberry Delight as the new flavor of the month. Havas PR UK also supported it in-store with bespoke POS, a competition flier to draw new followers, an online competition to support activity outside London, and a reciprocal content calendar to continually highlight the partnership to Lactofree’s and Lola’s communities. We arranged one-on-one press appointments to sample the cupcake and secure coverage.

Results: In four weeks, we increased Twitter followers by 30 percent, generating 7,823 click-thrus to the Lactofree website, 4,459 click-thrus to the brand’s Discovery Tool and 604 newsletter sign-ups. Press coverage included 25 articles across key publications including Canary Wharf, City Life, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, Glamour,, Look, Marie Claire, The Mayfair Magazine and OK!, with a total circulation of 108 million and an AVE of £87,695, making the PR value £263,085. Plus, the cupcake proved a best-seller: Stores had to increase their stock daily.

Carlsberg Malaysia

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Siren]

Challenge: We were tasked with engaging a younger audience in the second edition of “Where’s the Party?” organized by Carlsberg Malaysia and showcasing its unique elements, plus piquing audience interest leading up to an epic party of the year.

Actions: Our agency invited all mainstream lifestyle media and bloggers to the party, without revealing any details (venue, time, etc.). Havas Worldwide Siren managed Carlsberg’s fan page and posted teaser information daily to build interest and curiosity among its fan base and spark conversations. And we pitched the event to lifestyle weeklies, online media portals and bloggers to run pre-party posts to increase awareness and drive traffic to the Facebook page and offer readers an exclusive opportunity to win tickets to the party.

Results: Through our actions, we increased fans (and conversations) on Carlsberg Malaysia’s Facebook page from 12,717 to 17,338 in less than two months. Almost 24,000 netizens were referred to the Carlsberg website and Facebook page by top bloggers in four weeks. We garnered traditional PR coverage worth SGD1.03 million across all mainstream dailies, monthlies, broadcast outlets, online channels, blog posts and YouTube videos.

Ford Warriors in Pink

[Agency: Havas PR North America]

Challenge: We needed to break through the “pink” clutter devoted to breast cancer with the Ford Warriors in Pink story.

Actions: To drive coverage, we leveraged the Ford Warriors in Pink collection and the fact that 100 percent of proceeds goes to fight breast cancer. We conducted aggressive, layered local media outreach around Mother’s Day, October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Veterans Day and holiday gifting to secure product placement. We enlisted journalist-activist Lee Woodruff to write survivor profiles and introduce the Ford story into new conversations, and we used a Jennifer Aniston–designed T-shirt to place the Warriors in Pink story in celebrity media outlets. The biggest coup: securing a “Rachael Ray” exclusive, including product integration at no cost.

Results: @havaspr earned nearly 64 million media impressions in six months, landing groundbreaking media outlets for Warriors in Pink, including “Today,” and generating back orders for the Aniston-designed Man on the Moon T, which was promoted only through PR.

Dulux Let’s Colour

[Agency: Havas PR Warsaw]

Challenge: Poles had been complaining that public spaces—mainly Polish railway stations—were dull. AkzoNobel, owner of the Dulux brand of paints, decided to change that perception by adding a touch of color to chosen stations in Poland. The company encouraged ordinary people to join the action, and Havas PR needed to generate media and public interest.

Actions: During two phases of Dulux’s “Let’s Colour” project, four railway stations were selected and well-known Polish artists prepared artwork on station facades and underground railway crossings. A special Let’s Colour Train was also prepared to ride between Polish cities. Consumers warmly welcomed the project—so much so that a wall of the Wrocław Zoo was also painted. The second phase ended with a spectacular mural in the heart of Warsaw created by a popular Polish street artist on the facade of a parking garage.

Results: More than 3,000 people (including bloggers we targeted) took part, changing the faces of gray urban space with their painting. Great media interest resulted in 700 articles dedicated to the project. In addition, a consistently increasing number of people have joined the Let’s Colour Fund, which grants the best projects of individuals who want to add color to chosen public places.

IKEA: Happy to Bed

[Agency: Cake London]

Challenge: IKEA wanted us to drive consideration for its bedroom products, encouraging consumers to see the store as a place that can not only help them find the essential pieces of furniture to create their ideal personalized haven but can also guide them every step of the way along the design and furnishing process.

Actions: Cake designed an experience for consumers anchored in social media that tapped into the modern demand for tailored shopping recommendations. Our “Happy to Bed” YouTube experience combined a consumer’s Facebook identity with his or her specific bedroom needs and used the information to create a bespoke interactive 3D video that showed what the user’s ideal bedroom would look like (complete with personal Facebook photos on the walls). More important, it allowed the user to buy that bedroom setup instantly, by linking to IKEA’s online store. They could then share the experience on Facebook.

Results: In total, 100,000 consumers used the showroom, resulting in 6,000 positive SoMe mentions. As well as online, 140 pieces of editorial coverage were generated. Most important, the “Happy to Bed” YouTube experience drove 15,000 extra click-thrus to IKEA U.K.’s online store in just under two months, helping to drive sales. It was the first personalized 3D showroom to join multiple social platforms to purchase recommended items instantly and easily.

Carling. Cold Beer. Music.

[Agency: Cake London]

Challenge: In the 1990’s, Carling shifted its focus to the second most popular activity for 18- to 24-year-old men: live music. The brand embarked on a sponsorship acquisition strategy, securing naming rights to live music venues and festivals across the U.K. Then Carling came to Cake and asked, “What next?” We needed to build content and campaigns to make Carling a credible music brand among drinkers.

Actions: Carling behaved simply as “the perfect host,” offering great live music accompanied by a cold beer, so we built a campaign under a simple creative platform: “Carling. Cold Beer. Music.” Our Cold Beer Amnesty swapped festivalgoers’ warm beer cans for ice-cold cans of Carling, and we created the “New Kings of Rock and Roll” ad-funded TV show and hosted 24 hours of live music in “Carling Live 24.” Most recently, we have freshened up muddy festivalgoers with showers and cold Carling; across three sites, 58,000 guests have visited.

Results: Research group Ipsos declared that Carling was the brand most associated with music among men aged 18 to 24. It also placed Carling as the second most popular brand in music (Apple was first; Nokia, O2 and Virgin trailed Carling). As well as winning several awards, Carling built a fan base of music lovers (more than 3.5 million visits a month to and stretched its lead as the U.K.’s best-selling beer.

Vanish NapiSan and the White House

[Agency: Red Agency Australia]

Challenge: Cleaning product brand Vanish NapiSan wanted its new product range, Oxi Action Crystal White, to be famous for keeping white clothes white. The brand had never explored public relations, and so it set a challenge: It wanted to undertake a bold and innovative PR campaign that took the message to a broader audience in addition to its core buyer, moms age 30 to 50.

Actions: We decided to try and sponsor the world’s most famous white building: the White House. Just by trying to secure exclusive naming rights and erect a Vanish NapiSan billboard there would be enough to fuel a PR and social media campaign. The strategy was to document this audacious bid, feed it into a Facebook page and use it to spark media interest. Red Agency sent company spokesperson Adam Whittaker to the U.S. and arranged meetings for him with U.S. politicians, influencers and celebrities to rally support, and we captured voxpops of him putting the idea to regular Americans. When the campaign for the White House failed, we turned it around to sponsor a white house in Australia.

Results: We received widespread coverage, with 93 percent key message penetration, in every major Australian newspaper plus more than 120 items in the U.S., including on CNBC, ABC and Fox News. Twitter reach was 500,000-plus; the Facebook site received more than 22,000 visits. Even the Australian government tweeted about it! All results were far in excess of targets. The goal to reach 500,000 Australians through media? We reached 6.5 million—plus 504 million Americans.


[Agency: Cake New York]

Challenge: To develop and manage Havaianas’ U.S. social media presence from the ground up.

Actions: We grew the Havaianas fan base by using digital outreach, targeted partnerships, original programming and extensive community outreach. Simultaneously, we focused on building a content network on social platforms to reach new communities, while preparing for a future content push. Cake New York developed a Facebook application called “RSVP to Summer” that rewarded fans. Our key activations were Food Network and College Candy Pinterest collaboration for Havaianas’ “Spring Break!” And we partnered with Klout for a “Hot Summer Nites” program that offers tips, trends and fashions for fans’ summer plans.

Results: Fans started at 12,000 and now are up to 865,775, and we tallied an engaged Twitter following of 14,178. Through digital outreach, we measured 117 million impressions on blogs; across video platforms, there were more than 1.5 million video views. All that and more equaled an increase in share of voice among competitors of 33 percent.

Zátiší Group

[Agency: Havas PR Prague]

Challenge: Positive publicity is a key factor in customer loyalty for luxury restaurants, so our main goal in PR communication for Zátiší Group was to increase attendance—which had dropped because of the economic crisis—in all four of its luxury restaurants. Those restaurants also needed to target more of a local clientele, who would regularly return, instead of relying on foreign tourists.

Actions: Together with Zátiší Group, we have created many activities to offer diners new experiences at every visit. Our key project was a unique Wine Club concept. Every month, chefs prepare a new menu and pair it with the best wines, respecting synergy and origin of wines and ingredients. Additionally, the restaurants have hosted short- or long-term visits from Michelin chefs and sommeliers. Customers could therefore enjoy a new menu every month and meet interesting chefs, sommeliers and wine producers.

Results: PR has been the solid marketing tool for Zátiší Group. The Wine Club had a great response among clients and key business, lifestyle and gastro magazines—and always generated 100 percent attendance. In 2011, as a direct result of PR activities with target media, traffic to the ZG website increased by one-third and resulted in new, unique visitors. Plus, attendance of local clientele has increased by 30 percent year on year—and in the first three months of 2012 by as much as 100 percent.

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British Airways Flight BA2012

[Agency: Cake London]

Challenge: Since 2010, Cake has been working with British Airways to bring to life its Olympics sponsorship through the Great Britons Programme, which supports up-and-coming British talent in food, film and art. A launch moment was needed to unveil the Great Britons work ahead of the games and raise British Airways’ profile as an Olympics sponsor. Wanting to engage existing and new audiences and increase favorable bonding between consumers and the brand, BA’s target was to reach at least 40 million consumers through editorial coverage.

Actions: Cake conceived and created Flight BA2012, a three-in-one pop-up venue incorporating a gallery, cinema and dining lounge replicating the interior of an actual British Airways aircraft. Flight BA2012 offered a premium flying experience, allowing the public to sample the Great Britons work and connect with British Airways’ partnership of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Results: Research carried out by British Airways after the campaign found that three-quarters of guests felt more inclined to fly British Airways in the future and that 87 percent of guests said it gave them a better impression of the airline. Because of Flight BA2012, British Airways added 30,687 Facebook fans and gained 631,250 new YouTube views. And PRWeek described it as a “flying first class stunt.”

Fragile Childhood

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Helsinki]

Challenge: Adults under the influence of alcohol don’t always think of how scary they might look in the eyes of a child, how alone the child feels. News about children being left alone by parents who use alcohol heavily is the other extreme, and we were challenged to bring it to light. We focused on how a child would feel if left alone—even if parents are present but under the influence of alcohol.

Actions: First, our print campaign gave a voice to the child. Later, the campaign was published to media and moved to the Internet and continued on the same path. We wanted to motivate people in Finland who have suffered from parental alcohol misuse to share their experiences, to anonymously submit their stories related to this very difficult and painful topic at Fragile Childhood’s website.

Results: We exceeded the target amount of stories submitted by more than 300 percent. After the first week, the tally of YouTube views was more than 20,000—a lot in the Finland market alone. The topic was published in all main news media in print, TV and digital channels, including a request to talk on national TV morning news. Our film was chosen as Society Communication Act of the Year in Finland with an honorary mention and awarded in a dozen international and national advertising competitions.

Sears Heroes at Home

[Agency: Havas PR North America]

Challenge: Havas PR North America used the power of storytelling when Sears Holdings Corp. challenged us to develop a breakthrough PR initiative for its Heroes at Home program, which helps rebuild veterans’ homes and provides holiday gift cards to active servicepeople. We needed to increase awareness and help people remember our veterans when donating their money, especially in light of donor fatigue from recent natural disasters.

Actions: We created the “Portraits of Heroes” song contest to humanize real service members and show consumers the people whom Sears’ program serves daily. Our agency secured former Marine and country music star Josh Gracin to transform the winning story into the hit song “Can’t Say Goodbye.” We helped publicize the music video through traditional and social media, and we leveraged events year-round for maximum media coverage.

Results: Our platform created newsworthy content to promote the cause and a strong emotional imprint with consumers and media. The music video has received 105,000-plus views on YouTube alone, and media impressions are 87 million and growing. And, most important, Heroes at Home’s fourth annual campaign, in 2011, generated more than $4 million (plus $3,200 from album royalties).