[Agency: Havas PR Spain]


Challenge: To launch the new season of “The Walking Dead” in an original and terrific way with Carrefour.

Actions: We rescued the drive-in cinema for the launch of the new season. The venue was transformed as one of the zombie’s settings of the series. We created a contest in order to find 200 survivors who dare to watch the first episode. In a few hours, all the tickets were sold out. Influencers, journalists and the general public created buzz and content related to the event.

Results: In just three days, the launch received a PR value of 800,000-plus. In social media, over 126M impressions were made. We converted the product into the main channel to get the message to our users. We’ve won more than 20 awards in the main global awards festivals, and a video about the campaign can be seen here.


[Agency: Havas PR Global Collective]

Challenge: France is more than just Édith Piaf and Yves Saint Laurent. It’s BlaBlaCar, Sigfox, Visiomed and other radical startups. To support and unite French startups under a single, powerful brand worldwide, La French Tech launched in 2013. It has since grown into a €200 million initiative. Havas PR North America and Havas Worldwide Paris were tasked with establishing a strong, positive presence for La French Tech at CES 2016, highlighting the innovative French startup offerings and putting them at the forefront of the entrepreneurship and tech conversation.

Actions: More than 200 companies represented France at the massive gadget extravaganza, Europe’s largest contingent. To get French startups to stand out and create top-tier media opportunities, we first reminded everyone that entrepreneur is a French word, after all. We established new media relationships and drew on existing ones with key tech journalists and influencers. Our greatest success: identifying and securing TechCrunch’s Andrew Keen to interview Emmanuel Macron, French Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, onstage during La French Tech Night. Throughout, we connected journalists with the right spokespeople, remained dogged with outreach and got social media buzzing.

Results: At La French Tech Night, 120-plus journalists joined several hundred entrepreneurs, investors and influencers. A phenomenal success by all accounts, this networking event was hosted by Macron, who was promptly mobbed by press after his onstage interview. “French Tech Startups Invasion,” declared Forbes, while Fortune named France “tech’s unexpected powerhouse.” La French Tech was included in 5,709 tweets during CES, becoming a trending Twitter conversation. And our outreach created a steady drumbeat of coverage for weeks. Total media impressions: more than 977 million. Best of all, in the words of Macron: “La French Tech Night was a wonderful indicator that other countries are taking notice of the creativity and risk-taking that we are encouraging.”


[Agency: Elite PR Group]

Challenge: A video about FamilyMart’s Shop Manager Junior 2014 event created online and offline buzz, and it’s followed and imitated by many competitors. For its eighth annual event, in 2015, our goals were to establish FamilyMart as the leader in the junior shop manager campaign, to create innovative and leading junior shop manager experiences and, most important, to deliver a community relationship with customers from all the shop managers.

Actions: FamilyMart’s Shop Manager Junior event not only creates bonds with the local community, but it also communicates an authentic brand value—local commitment & community development—with consumers. In order to highlight this community value in advance, we divided our campaign into four phases: started online recruitment to create volume and discussion momentum; posted citizen spokesperson submission videos to emphasize citizens as the major brand asset; started open registration for Shop Manager Junior to create the discussion climax of the year; and create behind-the-scenes videos to deeply communicate brand value and a life-changing experience.

Results: The citizen spokesperson submission videos were reached more than 540,000 times, 359 percent over our original objective, and the company’s Facebook fan page became the information hub for consumers. The whole campaign successfully conveyed FamilyMart’s brand concepts and core values. In addition, through listening to appreciations from customers, shop managers and employees enhanced their identification and self-value to achieve both internal and external communications.


[Agency: Havas Worldwide Zagreb]

Challenge: When Sberbank opened in Croatia with its flagship office in Zagreb, we needed to present its visual identity and key people to the general public, future business partners and key media representatives.

Actions: We planned an event that began with the usual agenda (speeches by dignitaries), but as that finished, instead of proceeding to the ribbon-cutting ceremony the guests heard music. Famous Croatian cellist Ana Rucner was descending from the top of the building, suspended on a wire while playing Vivaldi. Most spectacularly, her green dress (matching the corporate Sberbank color) extended into two huge banners that, as she was coming down, trailed over the building façade, covering it in Sberbank green banners with corporate logos. As Rucner finished her performance, she handed the ceremonial scissors to the dignitaries and the ribbon was cut. The opening ceremony was followed by a press conference and a panel discussion, attended by most economic and political VIPs from Croatia and Russia, presenting Sberbank as a partner with a certain know-how when doing business in Russia, one of the biggest markets in the world.

Results: There was extraordinary turnout by media representatives at all three segments of the event. Total PR value of the reports published and broadcast was 4.920.474,60 kn

Vitaminwater Jessie J Live in London

[Agency: Cake New York]

Challenge: How do you make an event happening in one market valuable and useful to consumers in many global markets around the world? How do you tie a major pop star brand ambassador together with the Olympics and have the story make sense? How do you cut through the clutter when you’re a small brand, with low awareness in a sea of Olympic sponsors?

Actions: We aimed to celebrate the social side of the London Olympics with the ultimate after-party during the games, hosted by vitaminwater, that brought fans (18- to 24-year-old consumers) of Jessie J up-close-and-personal access. We sourced the majority of the audience from Jessie’s fan base and digital/social interaction, then announced the event in many markets; the celebrities and athletes who attended help deliver more coverage worldwide. Our agency did digital and social outreach, wrote content and posted images and videos, coordinated a live chat online, developed live Twitter and Foursquare activations to enhance sharing, and created and distributed 30- and 60-minute music specials (spending no media money) to MTV globally and some independent broadcasters.

Results: The party got more than 60 million online impressions and more than 20 million impressions on social media. About 15,000 viewers participated in Jessie J’s live chat and there were 3,200 branded interactions during the event. The branded TV special that we created from the after-party (plus editorial footage of Jessie J’s “guide to London”) ran in 55 global markets.

Show Hello! for Orange

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Paris]

Challenge: To create a large-scale event in order to present leading mobile operator Orange’s latest innovations, highlighting technical developments and boosting employee corporate pride. We aimed to conceive an event with innovation at the core, offering a smart mix of spectacle and education, demonstration and interactivity, and to make it a starting point for Orange’s new brand positioning both for external and internal publics, as the leader of innovation.

Actions: We organized the event in two steps, using our agency’s wide variety of PR and creative expertise. Step one was a live stage show with eight major announcements made live for opinion leaders and broadcast on Dailymotion and Orange’s internal channel. Step two was an interactive exhibition with live demonstrations (there were 20 demos to test in the Orange village created for the event) for opinion leaders and broadcast on Dailymotion, on the special website for the general public, and on Orange’s new internal innovation website.

Results: About 700 people from our target audiences (corporate, mainstream, specialized, national and international press; Web journalists and influential bloggers; commercial and industrial partners; institutional representatives; and Orange staff) participated in the event.