Our Best-in-Class Global Collective

FEBRUARY 2, 2013 — Havas PR North America is part of the global Havas PR collective, a borderless group of agencies worldwide that are connected for one commitment: Getting to the future first. Faster. We’re ranked ninth in size and third in social media effectiveness among all PR agencies globally, we’re CSR leaders, we include a Financial Agency of the Year and a No. 2 Healthcare Agency of the Year, and we were among the most shortlisted PR groups at Cannes—and that’s just the beginning (many of our agencies are also the most awarded of their size in their region). Big recent client wins around the globe (Carrefour and the European Commission among them) are building momentum. Our focus on collaboration gives us consistency while we emphasize our great local strengths. For much more about our collective, go to havaspr.com.

Our Newest Brand Client: Ourselves

SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 — This morning, our agency, our global network and many of our corporate comrades around the world start the day with a clean slate: a new name. It’s part of a worldwide rebranding operation to highlight our unified culture. So now we are Havas PR North America. We’ve got the same excellent people and are doing the same award-winning work, but we have a renewed focus on the future. What else would you expect from the North American agency of the world’s leading public relations and corporate communications collective? Connected + Future First = Havas PR.