[Agency: Havas PR Spain]


Challenge: To promote the launch of the new Nivea Stress Protect range throughout Facebook.

Actions: The first wedding was organized on Facebook, where the followers of Nivea decided how the couple married. The action was developed throughout challenges that include choosing the wedding dress, the venue or the menu.

Results: Over 34 million impacts.


[Agency: Elite PR Group]

Challenge: According to a survey conducted by the Taiwanese Association of Andrology, one in three men suffers from premature ejaculation (PE), but less than 20 percent have disease awareness and are willing to seek treatment. PE poses a big ego issue for men, and therefore they don’t want to admit or discuss it in public or to doctors. They prefer to visit nearby pharmacies and private clinics to consult, whereas the treatment drug Priligy is only listed in key hospitals. Our challenge: increase disease awareness of PE, maximize publicity of the drug and encourage patients to visit hospitals to seek treatment.

Actions: To encourage men to begin talking about PE and to change the negative attitude toward it, we decided to launch a fun, light-hearted campaign. “PE” in Mandarin is pronounced “zao xie,” and it sounds familiar as “zhao Hsieh,” which has another meaning: “Looking for Mr. Hsieh (Mr. PE).” So we made use of the pun to reduce the sensitivity surrounding the topic. Since our target audience prefers seeking information online regarding sensitive concerns, we released a humorous, interactive video with the punny title “Looking for Mr. Hsieh (Mr. PE)?” featuring a well-known celebrity, to minimize the awkwardness. The online self-check questionnaire PEDT can be printed and forwarded, so that patients can present the form to doctors, thus shortening the embarrassing conversation. We also worked in collaboration with popular graphic bloggers to add fun to disease education and made messages widespread with reposts. In phase two, we focused on the role a sexual partner plays in helping males treat PE by inviting a celebrity couple to produce a “happy couple yoga” video, emphasizing the partnership needed. In addition, we presented medical research through a press conference to show the impact of PE on relationships and women’s sexual health, and highlight the key role of partners in facilitating a man to seek treatment.

Results: The campaign and healthcare education sites achieved an average of 84 percent of stable and unrepeated visitors weekly, becoming major online information sources for PE issues. In addition, more than 10,000 people tested the online questionnaire over three months. Our KOLs saw a 300 percent growth in patient visits in one day after the press conference. Media reports reached 220 pieces within six months, generating US$753,519 PR value on media effects. In the end, the revenue of Priligy grew 45 percent and 25 percent, respectively, in the two financial quarters following the campaign.


[Agency: Havas Worldwide Siren]

Challenge: In launching Sanofi’s Menactra as the vaccine to prevent invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) for patients nine months and older, we had to inform the public about the need to take added precaution because Malaysia and other tropical destinations provide ideal conditions for the disease to spread quickly and silently.

Actions: Havas Worldwide Siren chose the clock as a recurring theme in our press launch, as IMD can strike quickly and has a grave impact on children within 24 hours—the clock clearly communicating early, classic and late symptoms. At the media event launch, a KOL discussed IMD and Sanofi’s managing director discussed the company’s presence in Malaysia. Over three months, we hosted national media to an informational session with a KOL, secured an informational slot for another leading doctor on a popular radio talk show, undertook and delivered sustained media feature stories to health and lifestyle media, and seeded information in public forums about IMD to drive awareness of a preventive mindset.

Results: Our substantial coverage from mainstream media included stories in Bernama, Borneo Post, Daily Express, Kosmo,, My Child Malaysia, My Wandering Story, New Straits Times, Sinar Harian, numerous TV and radio shows and blog posts, and many more media hits. The dollar value for all the great coverage we harvested? US$228,700.

Galderma Rosacea Product Launch

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Siren]

Challenge: Our agency was asked to leverage Galderma’s presence at the Asian Dermatological Congress in Hong Kong—to lay the foundation for a new product launch six months later for the treatment of facial redness, or rosacea. The product was first in class and came at a time of a large unmet need for skin types across Asia.

Actions: Siren developed the Galderma Knowledge Showcase, using recent data on the disease in China, Japan and Korea. Our media event in Hong Kong featured KOLs from China, Singapore and the United States presenting new findings and key market insights with specific updates for Asian skin. Havas Worldwide Siren undertook all planning and coordination work, from identifying and inviting regional media from eight countries to event management, translation services and material development. We scheduled media interviews before and after the event and during the three-day ADC conference. We later completed follow-up with each outlet to secure significant coverage.

Results: Key target media from around the region attended: Australian Doctor & Dermatology Update (Australia), Cosmopolitan (Philippines), Daily Pharm (Korea), Headline Daily (Hong Kong), Health News (China), Jian Kang Bao (China), Popular Medicine (China) and Sing Tao Daily (Hong Kong). The total PR value was USD $367,000. It is now the PR model for the client, who will duplicate the Galderma Knowledge Showcase in parts of Latin America and Europe to pave the way for their new product launch.

Taking StriVectin Social

[Agency: Cake New York]

Challenge: StriVectin had a large group of advocates in general and a nominal fan base on Facebook, but it had little to no relationship with social audiences because the company had done no initiatives to drive traffic into that realm. StriVectin wanted us to change that.

Actions: Cake New York recommended that StriVectin elevate the conversation with its audience to focus less on antiaging products and more on celebrating women as they age. We used experts in multiple fields to advise the core audience about improving themselves and getting healthy in eight weeks through a series of informative videos. We created social, engaging advertising through a partnership with someecards. Cake also grew and celebrated StriVectin’s social community with a “Fab @ 50” Facebook contest, Get Even product sampling and Freebie Friday. And we expanded community offerings with the launch of the first-ever book club solely on Facebook.

Results: Change is good: With our social activation, StriVectin got more than 55,000 Facebook fans, 100 million earned online impressions, 1,000-plus interactions with the Book Club app and more than 100,000 interactions with the someecards partnership.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

[Agency: Havas PR Warsaw]

Challenge: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common pathology of eye spots and the main cause of blindness in the developed world in people over 50. In Poland, the number of patients is around 1.2 million people. For our client Novartis, we needed to educate the public, patients and the media in the field of retinal diseases.

Actions: Havas PR Warsaw arranged mass preventive medical examinations for diagnosing retinal disease in four Polish cities during the sixth-annual Retina Week. Ophthalmologists and diabetes nurses conducted consultations. The Warsaw event took place in a crowded part of the city (Old Town) in a special eye tent. The aim of such an unconventional tactic was to draw attention to the problem among media and passersby. Our agency also co-organized the Retina Bus, where free retinal screening tests for people with diabetes were offered.

Results: During the program’s two days, about 1,000 people were tested. The campaign resulted in more than 100 publications in the key opinion media (opinion-forming dailies, radio, TV), giving approximately 5 million impressions. We also established cooperation with Catholic media to gain a specific target group of consumers, for whom such media are crucial.

Italian Diabetes Control

[Agency: Havas PR Milan]

Challenge: To promote a better/stricter diabetes control approach across all the stakeholders of the diabetes disease management process as the best means to reduce complications according to medical evidence.

Actions: Havas PR Milan managed the multi-level, multi-target, multi-phase evidence-based awareness campaign, which was promoted by the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) and its Italian affiliates, and supported by a grant from Sanofi Italy. In phase one, we collected research to build an effective campaign with healthcare professionals; phase two involved a roadshow with information and screenings (we covered institutional relations, press office, educational tools and online communication); and phase three included a new roadshow and partnerships with businesses (for education and screenings), sports teams (to support people with diabetes to get involved in sports) and schools (to promote prevention).

Results: Over four years, we saw great support among many communities for the campaign and a strong collaboration among healthcare professionals and all stakeholders. Specifically, the roadshows made 88 stops, where 231,325 people visited. Partnerships included 170 institutions, 1,431 health units/hospitals and 4,441 pharmacists. We delivered 1.3 million brochures and, most important, 16,520 people got medical checkups. We also garnered 3,644 media clippings, for a total reach of 551,432,169.