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The 2017 Global Collective Steering Committee


Havas PR is the public relations arm of global advertising and communications services group Havas, working in 75-plus countries on six continents. In 2017, all Havas PR agencies around the world were brought more completely into the Havas Health fold, when it rebranded as Havas Health & You, cementing Havas Group’s global foothold in the health and wellness industries. But don’t worry—we remain a full-service set of strong local agencies with specialty expertise in a variety of communication areas beyond health, including consumer, corporate, event, crisis, financial, internal, sports and public affairs. Continue Reading →

Our Strategic Planning

For clients new and existing, we do not wait for the next headline, we newscraft it to make the future ours today. The Havas PR toolbox has been revamped to reflect the 365/24/7 news cycle we live in, the sophisticated consumer that drives our clients’ businesses and the blurring lines between categories. Through the power of storytelling, Havas PR weaves a global narrative that drives behavior change and puts our clients at the center of cultural storms. The Red Thread framework is our unique storytelling tool that allows us to thread the essence of a client’s company or brand through a global narrative that is told across multiple channels.


2017 was a bumpy ride, with the disruption of a presidential election that left everyone spinning off in different directions. That’s why Havas PR ’s annual trends forecast focuses on that disruption, as well as some other disturbing D-words that will shape the year ahead: “destruction,” “depression,” “deception,” “defiance” and “discontent,” to name a handful.

Marian Salzman, world-renowned trendspotter and Havas PR CEO, explained that rather than attempting to leave the past year behind, the report—titled “The D-Words: On Disruption, Despair and Dumpster Fires—20 Trends for 2018”—offers “an understanding and embrace of how those themes will blossom into shifting behaviors and beliefs that will transform the world in 2018.”

The future is now. Download our report here.