[Agency: Havas PR Global Collective]

Challenge: We aspired to raise the visibility of Earth To Paris, the global communication channel launched by nonprofit United Nations Foundation for ordinary world citizens to have a seat at the table with policymakers attending the UN Climate Change Conference in December 2015 in Paris (COP21). Our New York and Paris teams were charged with reaching those citizens by securing coverage and moving them to action to influence the world’s leaders who were finalizing a new climate agreement.

Actions: Havas PR brought together media and their audiences around one topic people care about with all their heart: how climate change is affecting our planet. That strategic, unifying thread gave Earth To Paris a platform during COP21 that stood out from the crowd. In a one-month lead-up, we drafted, translated and issued materials; proactively pitched and briefed key media about the movement and major happenings; and positioned leading UN spokespeople as thought leaders. We invited media to attend Earth To Paris–Le Hub at the Petit Palais and provided support for that culminating event.

Results: On Dec. 7-8, a 36-hour global digital surge of Twitter chats, Google+ Hangouts and other activations took place while 317 members of the press, plus climate leaders and celebrities, attended the summit. (John Kerry filmed his very first Snapchat at Earth To Paris.) The #EarthToParis hashtag trended globally on Twitter both days, with nearly 1 billion impressions; it appeared in more than 68,000 tweets from 16,000-plus unique contributors. We earned media coverage in 300-plus outlets in 15 countries with impressions exceeding 1.1 billion (99 percent positive or neutral). Havas PR ensured that the UN spokespeople—quoted in three dozen unique articles—steered the conversation. The most powerful measure of success? During Le Hub, more than 4,000 love letters were hand-delivered, written by people from around the world.