[Agency: Elite PR Group]

Challenge: A video about FamilyMart’s Shop Manager Junior 2014 event created online and offline buzz, and it’s followed and imitated by many competitors. For its eighth annual event, in 2015, our goals were to establish FamilyMart as the leader in the junior shop manager campaign, to create innovative and leading junior shop manager experiences and, most important, to deliver a community relationship with customers from all the shop managers.

Actions: FamilyMart’s Shop Manager Junior event not only creates bonds with the local community, but it also communicates an authentic brand value—local commitment & community development—with consumers. In order to highlight this community value in advance, we divided our campaign into four phases: started online recruitment to create volume and discussion momentum; posted citizen spokesperson submission videos to emphasize citizens as the major brand asset; started open registration for Shop Manager Junior to create the discussion climax of the year; and create behind-the-scenes videos to deeply communicate brand value and a life-changing experience.

Results: The citizen spokesperson submission videos were reached more than 540,000 times, 359 percent over our original objective, and the company’s Facebook fan page became the information hub for consumers. The whole campaign successfully conveyed FamilyMart’s brand concepts and core values. In addition, through listening to appreciations from customers, shop managers and employees enhanced their identification and self-value to achieve both internal and external communications.