Cannes Winners: Durexperiment Fundawear

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Sydney]

Challenge: In Australia, Durex was a distant second behind category leader Ansell, which had secured market dominance and consumer loyalty. Despite its extremely low brand awareness, Durex possessed a competitive advantage in the form of several existing innovative products, such as mutual climax condoms. We needed a campaign built around this innovative truth in order to raise the profile of the brand.

Actions: We created a newsworthy innovation called Fundawear—a range of his-and-her underwear using dedicated technology to accurately communicate touch over the Internet for the first time. Using the Fundawear iPhone application, a signal is sent through a real-time server to a partner’s smartphone and transferred to touch actuators inside underwear garments. While Skype allows couples to stay in contact, Fundawear actually lets them experience intimate touch. This groundbreaking innovation generated a staggering amount of free media, enabling us to reposition Durex as the most innovative brand in the category.

Results: In the first five days alone, more than 10,000 articles were written in outlets including The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Review, Gizmodo, The Guardian, the Huffington Post, L’Express, The Mail, Mashable, Pedestrian, Perez Hilton, The Sun, The Sydney Morning Herald and TechCrunch. Also before the first week was up, we saw 4,000-plus video views and more than 20,000 unique tweets.