Cannes Winners: Fair Go Bro

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Sydney]

Challenge: Virgin Mobile promises to give its customers a fair go, but Virgin is outspent by its competitors by at least four to one. The company asked us to take the creative lead on its midyear ATL brand campaign, to deliver an initiative with big earned-media potential, supported by significant spend in traditional media.

Actions: We pitched the idea of using Brad Pitt’s younger brother Doug to front the campaign, in line with the “fairness” message at the heart of Virgin Mobile’s consumer manifesto. After a teaser video for the campaign went viral and Doug’s “cele-bro-ty” status was confirmed, we brought him to Australia on his first media tour.

Results: Two hundred pieces of branded editorial coverage reached more than 30 million people nationally, generating $5 million in PR value. Brand consideration rose by 5 percent and sales by 22 percent, and churn decreased by 24 percent. With a seven-to-one return on investment, the campaign was the most successful in Virgin Mobile’s 12-year history.