Cannes Winners: Loveville

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Milan]

Challenge: Italy is a country with strong Catholic roots, derived mostly by the presence of the Vatican, where talking about sex on mass media is problematic, especially when sex is presented as a fundamental emotional resource of people’s daily lives. This was the context in which Durex promoted a playful and healthy idea of sex, through a game: the challenge between cities to find the one that makes love the most. Capitalizing on Italians’ pride and historic rivalry between cities, Loveville made the whole country talk about fun and responsible sex—and, obviously, about Durex.

Actions: We launched the project through a viral video, a print and radio campaign, guerrilla activities, a website and PR. For two months, Durex compared the number of condoms, lubes and sex toys sold in 15 major Italian cities. Then the title of Loveville 2013 was given to the city that used these products the most, where the honor was celebrated with an unforgettable party.

Results: In only two months, the website attracted more than 850,000 visits, while the viral video reached 1.1 million views, proving an incredible level of awareness. The brand had extensive space for visibility, and regardless of the limited media investment, the strength of the idea on a PR level was such as to exceed 70 million earned media impressions. In the first six weeks alone, the increase in sales attested to the active participation and interest of the target: up 46 percent in lube sales and 27 percent in condom sales.