Cannes Winners: The Airfood Project

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Paris]

Challenge: We aimed to fight the withdrawal of European food aid by organizing a stunt event in restaurants.

Actions: People pretended to eat from empty plates for the duration of a meal, before serving their fellow diners this message: “In a year’s time, 18 million Europeans won’t be pretending. Say NO to the withdrawal of European food aid.” We engaged people by posting the video on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and created a dedicated website to gather support.

Results: A social movement was born! Members of the public and celebrities sent in hundreds of Airfood videos. Impromptu Airfood flash mobs also took place in several European cities. We secured 64,536 signatures on our petition, 580,000 views on YouTube, almost 8,000 tweets and 10,420 Facebook fans. And exceptional media coverage equivalent to a €1.5 million media plan (coverage ranged from Canal+, Euro Sport, L’Express and Le Monde to Europe 1, the Huffington Post and Slate) got a €300 million budget dedicated to food aid.