Cannes Winners: The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented

[Agency: Red Agency Australia]

Challenge: Australia’s charity sector is aggressive—public awareness equals government support. There’s little awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy—a fatal muscle debilitating disease that affects one in 3,500 boys in Australia. The charity, Save Our Sons, wanted the government to provide $2 million to help research to tackle the disease.

Actions: A campaign that drove people to was created. With one click, the world’s first petition-signing robot would sign your name in real time and post to Facebook—an action that could potentially stop DMD. The handwriting font was created from that of a DMD sufferer who no longer has the power to write.

Results: We’ve garnered significant coverage, including 179 articles, 1,120 mentions across blogs and social media, and six pieces of national TV coverage—reaching 20 million Australians (nearly the whole population) and providing a $1,822,235 advertising value. Celebrities rallied in support, there have been more than 45,000 website views and the robot has signed 32,000-plus signatures. The petition was delivered to Parliament House in May 2013.