Dos Equis

[Agency: Havas PR North America]

Challenge: Heineken USA asked Havas PR North America to take its Dos Equis brand out of the “Mexican” beer space and into the mainstream. (We understood that generating brand awareness and triggering conversation among the core audience could maximize marketing dollars and make a cultural impact. To do this, we needed to create an attention-getting program and encourage consumers to take part.)

Actions: We created the Most Interesting Man in the World contest and launched an online destination at that invited consumers to engage in tests of gentlemanly skills like “Circumnavigating the Globe” and “Command of the Animal Kingdom” to become the Most Interesting Man’s apprentice and win a “field trip” to the circus-like Most Interesting Show in the World. Using cars and drivers, recruiters, personalized VMs, simulated new blogs and YouTube videos—and even carrier pigeons—we helped drive 2.5 million hits to the site, 900,000 in the first week of launch.

Results: Our efforts secured print, online and broadcast placements, including a USA Today centerpiece feature, plus marketing and beverage trade exposure. Dos Equis sales increased by 35 percent.

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