[Agency: Havas PR Global Collective]

Challenge: Climate change is among the world’s biggest challenges, limiting our prosperity by affecting our food supply, the places where we live, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Climate scientists have agreed that the issue is real and action is required, but skeptics fueled confusion and controversy around the release of a comprehensive climate report six years ago. In 2013, the United Nations Foundation gathered allies to help change the narrative around science and climate change in conjunction with the most recent report. As their PR partner, we work to improve the course of conversation and generate positive coverage.

Actions: The global consortium we created is helping support the report’s release in 10 countries to ensure that consistent, scientifically based messaging reaches target audiences. Our teams monitor target-market coverage for a branded daily report. We developed media curriculums and implemented them with 200-plus scientists worldwide thus far, then pitched the scientists as local resources to comment about the report’s first two phases. Our agencies also launched Climasphere.org, a first-of-its-kind online resource designed for climate change influencers, and a digital strategy that enabled #climateimpacts to be among the top Twitter trending conversations during the second phase’s release.

Results: Phase one result: 412 million media impressions with 85 percent sustained, on-message positive coverage and 10 percent neutral—versus 61 percent positive the previous half-year. The release of the second phase received unprecedented coverage and, according to an executive with the global report’s organization, “by every account must have been one of [our] most impressive launches ever.”