IKEA: Happy to Bed

[Agency: Cake London]

Challenge: IKEA wanted us to drive consideration for its bedroom products, encouraging consumers to see the store as a place that can not only help them find the essential pieces of furniture to create their ideal personalized haven but can also guide them every step of the way along the design and furnishing process.

Actions: Cake designed an experience for consumers anchored in social media that tapped into the modern demand for tailored shopping recommendations. Our “Happy to Bed” YouTube experience combined a consumer’s Facebook identity with his or her specific bedroom needs and used the information to create a bespoke interactive 3D video that showed what the user’s ideal bedroom would look like (complete with personal Facebook photos on the walls). More important, it allowed the user to buy that bedroom setup instantly, by linking to IKEA’s online store. They could then share the experience on Facebook.

Results: In total, 100,000 consumers used the showroom, resulting in 6,000 positive SoMe mentions. As well as online, 140 pieces of editorial coverage were generated. Most important, the “Happy to Bed” YouTube experience drove 15,000 extra click-thrus to IKEA U.K.’s online store in just under two months, helping to drive sales. It was the first personalized 3D showroom to join multiple social platforms to purchase recommended items instantly and easily.