[Agency: Havas Formula]

Challenge: Kashi, the premier natural food company acquired by Kellogg’s, tasked Havas Formula with promoting its GOLEAN cereals, highlighting the fact that they offer as much protein as an egg. Our challenge was to help change consumer perception—to the fact that that protein could be plant-based, healthy and found in cereal—while preserving the natural brand’s identity through ongoing influencer outreach and media coverage.

Actions: Our agency hosted the Kashi’s Better Breakfast Diner Takeover event, allowing top-tier media and influencers to meet with Kashi brand managers and experience diner-inspired, protein-filled dishes incorporating GOLEAN cereals (like the GOLEAN Scramble). We partnered with online health and wellness portal Spark People and healthy lifestyle blog the DailySpark to execute a consumer survey and leverage newsworthy insights and statistics for media outreach. In addition, we distributed a creative mailer containing key messages and GOLEAN samples to nutritionists and fitness experts, and we conducted aggressive sampling and continuous outreach to media and influencers.

Results: Our targeted media relations campaign (with minimal budget) secured press coverage across nearly 50 top-tier outlets, including “Today” and “The Early Show,” plus fitness and women’s/lifestyle publications, websites and blogs, garnering 80 million impressions. We had effectively communicated the key message, connecting these cereals with protein in the eyes of consumers and establishing Kashi GOLEAN as a protein-rich breakfast food. Through the unique diner event and one-on-one interaction with brand managers, Kashi reinforced its natural identity and further preserved the integrity of the brand as distinct from its parent company, Kellogg’s.