[Agency: Havas PR Spain]


Challenge: To convince video game users that “PES 2013” is the most realistic football simulator ever created.

Actions: For the first time in history, a fan became a virtual player of his favorite video game. We created a tournament to find the best football and video game player in Spain. We then traveled with him to Japan, where the video games developers created his avatar and joined in the video game. Today, millions of fans around the world play as him.

Results: More than 9 million users now play every day, and totalling over 1 billion impacts around the world just after a national campaign, earning a PR value of €3.2 million. We converted the product into the main channel to get the message to our users. We’ve won more than 20 awards in the main global awards festivals, and have had “Enter the Game” covered in many news outlets, including here.