Elite PR Group

Offices: Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai

Founded in 1987, Elite PR Group has created a company of nearly 300 PR professionals working within a network of 10 small, specialized agencies in Taiwan. Each agency has specific industry expertise, ranging from technology and finance to healthcare and consumer products, sports and digital communications to CSR. The agencies include: Elite PR, K-Concepts Communications, Apex Communications, Bravo Communications, Clavis Communications, Focus Strategy Marketing, MediCom, Fides Corporate Sustainability Consultants, K-Communications and HealthCom.

Elite PR Group’s mission is to help clients identify stakeholders and communicate key messages directly and effectively with each of them. We are committed to providing clients with a wide range of diverse, professional and cost-effective communication services to meet their goals. Our professional consultants and staff work directly with clients to understand their communication challenges and develop optimized, strategic communications solutions that are as unique as their businesses.

In recent years Elite PR Group has been honored with several prestigious public relations awards, including the Asia Pacific PR Awards, Click! Awards, Yahoo! Big Idea Chair Awards, CIPRA Awards and Public Relations Foundation Excellence Awards.

The key services that we offer include corporate communications, crisis management, CSR, internal communications, integrated digital marketing, media relations, IR/AR, campus communications, event marketing, channel marketing and sports marketing.

General Manager
Essie Hu
Elite PR Group

Essie excels in promoting lifestyle products and specializes in fashion, entertainment and sports marketing and PR campaigns. She is responsible for the overall operations and business development of Elite PR and Aimhit Communications.

Group Consultant, Consumer Tech & GM
Kelly Chen
Elite PR Group

Kelly is responsible for the management of Bravo PR and K-Concepts, and she focuses on subject management, event marketing, branding strategy, KOL engagement and digital integration. The sectors in which Kelly specializes include FMCG, consumer electronics and internet business.

Group Consultant, Corporate Reputation Management & GM
Zion Liang
Elite PR Group

Zion serves as Elite PR Group Consultancy Director of Corporate Reputation Management, and now manages Clavis and Fides. He joined Elite PR group in 2005 and is responsible for leading PR training, corporate PR, CSR, crisis/issues management and the stakeholders management consultant business.

Group Consultant, Healthcare, VP
Jason Chang
Elite PR Group

Jason focuses on healthcare communications and is responsible for the business development and management of MediCom and HealthCom. His areas of expertise include healthcare agenda setting, stakeholder management and healthcare product marketing strategy.

Elite PR Group (Headquarters)
7F, No. 51, Dongxing Road
Xinyi District, Taipei