Havas PR Milan

Office: Milan

We are a group of senior consulting professionals in the field of communications and corporate communications. All partners and associates at Havas PR Milan have more than 15 years of experience in multimedia and multitarget communications, plus consulting at corporate and product/services level through their work for international blue-chip companies. We’ve established a strong reputation for superiority in corporate reputation and crisis communications, especially in litigation PR, a specific crisis approach in which comms and legal experts work together; our innovative practice is aimed at managing communications processes related to legal actions and proceedings involving companies or persons.

Havas PR Milan has a strong expertise in stakeholder engagement and management programs with all kinds of stakeholders (businesses, associations, NGOs, public) and all industries (finance, healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverage, luxury).

Havas PR Milan also has a great deal of experience in public affairs, from local authorities to federal regions.

Our Italian PA services offer contemplates all traditional practices and tools, such as advocacy, lobbying, network/coalition building, intelligence and training programs, and is characterized by a skilled and experienced senior team with a strong professional background in the field and by two key core agency competencies, at both the national and local level.

At Havas PR Milan, we make sure we stay one step ahead of the game. Traditional PR is evolving in order to respond to new and more complex needs; sound, positive relationships are key to business success today. Our mission is to facilitate, establish, maintain, reinforce, improve and guide companies’ stakeholder relations systems.

Rosanna D’Antona
Havas PR Milan

Rosanna founded D’Antona&Partners, now Havas PR Milan, in 2003. Before that, she was president and CEO of Edelman Europe, overseeing 12 offices in nine countries. Outside the office, Rosanna is very involved in organizations working on workplace diversity for women and breast cancer prevention.

Co-Founder & CEO
Caterina Tonini
Havas PR Milan

Caterina is responsible for the agency’s corporate communications, brand communications, crisis and litigation PR practices. She specializes in corporate and brand communications for lifestyle, food, energy and transport industries. Caterina is also an expert in digital communication with particular emphasis in e-influencing.

Partner & Vice President
Corrado Tomassini
Havas PR Milan

Corrado handles the development of healthcare communications, PA and internal communications practices at Havas PR Milan. His extensive PR experience includes corporate/public institutions reputation management and crisis management, corporate social responsibility, national and local public affairs, political campaigning and financial communications.

Havas PR Milan
Via San Vito 7 – 20123
Milano, Italia