Galderma Rosacea Product Launch

[Agency: Havas Worldwide Siren]

Challenge: Our agency was asked to leverage Galderma’s presence at the Asian Dermatological Congress in Hong Kong—to lay the foundation for a new product launch six months later for the treatment of facial redness, or rosacea. The product was first in class and came at a time of a large unmet need for skin types across Asia.

Actions: Siren developed the Galderma Knowledge Showcase, using recent data on the disease in China, Japan and Korea. Our media event in Hong Kong featured KOLs from China, Singapore and the United States presenting new findings and key market insights with specific updates for Asian skin. Havas Worldwide Siren undertook all planning and coordination work, from identifying and inviting regional media from eight countries to event management, translation services and material development. We scheduled media interviews before and after the event and during the three-day ADC conference. We later completed follow-up with each outlet to secure significant coverage.

Results: Key target media from around the region attended: Australian Doctor & Dermatology Update (Australia), Cosmopolitan (Philippines), Daily Pharm (Korea), Headline Daily (Hong Kong), Health News (China), Jian Kang Bao (China), Popular Medicine (China) and Sing Tao Daily (Hong Kong). The total PR value was USD $367,000. It is now the PR model for the client, who will duplicate the Galderma Knowledge Showcase in parts of Latin America and Europe to pave the way for their new product launch.