PGs_top-climateThe Havas Worldwide Climate Practice officially launched in July 2014 and has been making news around the world for clients ever since. In our first year, we won 17 climate-related awards around the world and major media recognition.

We are a dynamic global communications network with the Havas mindset—“Local is the new global”—passing the baton to the next time zone when one punches out for the night. Comprehensive research underpins all our work, helping clients understand the media landscape of climate change that directly relates to their business or organization. Havas PR delivers strategic communications operations with specific goals and messages, helping companies and organizations effectively communicate their initiatives.

Our team has vast individual and agency expertise—including climate change communications in conjunction with world leaders such as former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and President Nasheed of the Maldives, and the “TckTckTck” campaign. We gathered all that knowledge and came together on our first collaborative project: supporting the Nobel Prize–winning UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change through our partnership with the United Nations Foundation on the release of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, arguably the most important scientific climate report of its kind. Released over 14 months and in four stages, AR-5 captured headlines around the world with the help of the Havas PR team, earning passionate praise from the IPCC in the process.

With headquarters in London, New York City, Paris and Sydney, our global practice offers a long list of actions for climate clients, from media-training teams of experts, scientists and key personnel to developing thought-provoking and timely op-eds and blog posts that position an individual or group as a leading authority.

Other offices in our practice currently include Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Johannesburg, Mexico City, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

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