Consumer PR

The Havas PR philosophy centers on future momentum. It’s what we do best: increase exposure by reaching consumers in all walks of life through influencer marketing, events, online social discussions, powerful media placements, product seeding and sampling. We research and develop keen insights into our targets that allow for breakthrough creativity, and we leverage expertise in social and digital landscapes to move the needle.

Constantly seeking out new and unconventional opportunities, our consumer PR experts know how to get—and keep—people talking about brands, causes and corporations. We know that social momentum is the new currency. We identify and execute nontraditional, powerful initiatives in the areas that matter most and reach audiences in unexpected ways through buzz building, peer-to-peer communication, and viral and grassroots marketing.

Our consumer PR teams specialize in core competencies: beauty, business, CSR, design, fashion, food and beverage, health and wellness, luxury, sports, tech and travel. Our superior research capabilities include tapping the latest consumer trend data and our 11K-plus worldwide staff for information—plus category, brand and business trend data research and media audit coverage.

We build and drive programs from grassroots and upscale retail promotions to celebrity-driven awareness campaigns. And we know how clients can be leaders. Our focus is on building brands—connecting them to the appropriate media (social and traditional), social networks and customer targets. Most important, we know that consumer goods move fast, and we move fast with them.

We’re also tracking the changing landscape. We have studied Prosumers, the consumers first to use new trends and technologies, for more than a decade and charted their evolution, from proactive consumers (early adopters, brand- and marketing-savvy) to producer consumers (content generators) to professional consumers (passionate pursuers in audio, video, DIY) to progressive consumers (those who see spending as an activism tool and are conscious and conscientious of purchasing choices). Our work in this arena has made it far easier to narrowcast to the right influencers with the right messages and to co-create news that resonates with the best, most engaged audiences in situations where they fully participate.

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