Corporate Identity and Design

Havas Design+ is a multicultural design and branding community of more than 400 design specialists working in 12 countries all around the globe. We’re a big community made of differences. We don’t have the same story, but we share the same reality: We are extremely cooperative and efficient in client branding and hold a plurality of expertise in many sectors.

All members are experts in brand management, corporate identity and design, and all are linked by a singular strategy of free-flowing, cross-cultural creative collaboration. Our approach is unique: By connecting multicultural differences, Havas Design+ combines the global market and local customer insights. Most of all, Havas Design+ aims to re-enchant the relationship between brands and their audiences.

We help define and produce clients’ corporate and brand identities, logo guidelines, brochures and magazines, annual reports, investor kits, event identity, exhibit and environmental aesthetics, and corporate responsibility reports, among other creative contributions.

From the beginning, design has had to create differentiation for brands. In our world of personalization, where differences have become a current value and claim, design is no longer a standardization process—it has become a way to connect all the parts and pieces of a brand, to enhance brand integration and corporate identity in people’s everyday lives.

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