Corporate PR

Companies face a very real challenge in establishing a coherent perception in the minds of stakeholders. This can be especially perplexing for large multinationals and corporations grown through extensive mergers and acquisitions. But creating a strong corporate brand that speaks with one voice is worth every bit of the effort.

A company’s reputation, which reflects its capacity to show a human face to the world, has become increasingly interdependent on its brands. Meanwhile, today’s business environment demands open, honest and transparent communications. Building, sustaining, defending and advertising companies’ corporate assets is the mission of Havas PR’s corporate PR team. Our global solutions include award-winning consulting and management capabilities in corporate advertising, corporate identity, corporate social responsibility crisis and issues, financial communication, interactive, internal communications/change and public affairs.

We understand how to give one voice to large companies with multiple subsidiaries (and multiple brands and cultures), because it’s a modern quandary that we have tackled ourselves. Within our own global advertising and communications group, we’ve found a single distinguishing voice for a company that employs about 11,000 people. A multicultural and decentralized group, Havas is present in more than 75 countries in hundreds of offices through its networks of agencies and contractual affiliations. Yet we’ve managed to maintain an official position on global coordination: “Vive la différence” is our commitment to our clients and ourselves. All parts of the Havas network also abide by a Future First positioning that resonates deeply with everything we do.

A company that lays claim to a truly great corporate brand enjoys innumerable benefits, including better, more contented employees; increased investment; and, most important, a leap in consumer loyalty and buying behavior. Havas PR’s corporate PR experts understand that the most successful corporate brands don’t distinguish themselves with processes; they distinguish themselves with behaviors and cultures.

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