Crisis Management

Havas PR supports our clients not only in good times but also when everything seems like it’s falling apart.

No matter where the fault lies, any real crisis inspires mass emotion; the crucial issue is how the company responds—will it amplify or reduce the emotional morass? The consultants on our crisis team all have extensive experience in influence communications and are uniquely qualified to help companies understand how such mass emotion works and how to manage it.

Every public and private organization must be able to communicate effectively to its internal and external publics during difficult times, but effective communication means more than just preserving reputation; it is also about ensuring that a company can enjoy sustainable growth. Employees, customers, the media, bloggers/tweeters, suppliers and other constituents respond most positively to transparency and honesty.

The early stages of a crisis are decisive. Too often a company wastes time wondering whether to dodge or boldly confront it (if it chooses the former, it could fuel mass emotion). Havas PR is structured to save our clients time: We conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify the systemic influence of the various crisis stakeholders, and we monitor the crisis digitally in real time, spotting trends quickly enough to make a proactive response. Our integrated structure includes consulting, press relations, lobbying and influence communications, and political and media monitoring.

But we also know that the best defense against an issue or incident that could escalate to a crisis is preparation. It’s imperative to have a plan in place, and we can collaborate on developing an issues-management plan, a rapid-response team and a communications framework in advance that includes key messages, a draft response, Q&A and a suggested action plan, all tailored and fully secure. These materials will also need to be reviewed, revised and approved if and when an issue arises. When it does, if everything is in place a company can counteract emotion and head off nonproductive actions.

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