Our clients want to host events—from shareholder meetings to product or campaign launches—that won’t soon be forgotten. It doesn’t matter if there are a dozen spectators or a million; clients want their events to live on in the minds of attendees long after the last folding chair has been packed away. They want to use the power of personal experience to define and endear their brand to consumers, clients, employees and members of the press. They want events that make headlines.

From creative concept development and set construction to travel arrangements and budget management, the Havas PR event team manages every aspect and keeps it all consistent with the client’s brand. As global leaders in planning and managing upmarket events, international forums and conferences, and large public gatherings, we have orchestrated events on behalf of multinational corporations, governments, foundations, NGOs, think tanks, ministries and institutions. We accompany clients in strategic planning, conception, creation and message content, speaker recruitment and buzz as well as logistics, production, protocol, security, press relations and strategic partnerships.

What’s more, we can do it across the globe. As part of the Havas network of offices, we’ve got local contacts worldwide. So whether a client wants to secure a venue in Singapore, close a road in New York City or find an act in Dubai, we’ll have someone on the ground there who will know how to get it done.

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