Health and Wellness PR

Havas Health & You (formerly Havas Health) joins together the agencies and companies of Havas Health with the consumer health and wellness marketing communications practices of Havas companies around the world. This allows us to build customized teams that bring together the best people, products and services across borders, working together on global, regional and local activities. Our mission is to be the world’s best company at creating meaningful connections using creativity, media and innovation to inspire healthier lives.

We serve clients in Rx, OTC, diagnostics/devices, healthcare services and solutions, plus more wellness- and lifestyle-focused areas (healthy travel, exercise gear, etc.). We also serve Big Pharma brands and solutions as well as companies that create, manufacture, distribute and/or market products and services that help to nurture and heal.

Our health team, which includes on-staff medical directors and staff members who are Ph.D.s and M.D.s, has extensive experience in corporate and internal communications, public health education campaigns, media relations, direct to consumer, medical education, disease awareness, crisis and issues management, and third-party alliances. We have designed and managed programs to support and promote health-related products (such as prescription-only, OTC, orphan drugs, cosmetics and foods) during the pre-marketing period, approval and product launch, and throughout the product’s life cycle. We also engage in clinically sound newscrafting that’s grounded in scientific and medical rigor. And we have been trained on the regulatory environment by the Center for Communication Compliance.

To help our clients succeed in a highly complex and evolving medical, political, social and economic landscape, we go beyond traditional channels to reach patients, caregivers and professionals. Our strategic communications programs cut across promotional disciplines as the rule rather than the exception, combining healthcare knowledge and expertise with innovation in a diverse range of communications channels. We’re pioneers in using online engagement to empower professionals and patients to learn, share and advocate on behalf of disease states and effective treatments. And locally, we understand the importance of identifying and nurturing professional and third-party partnerships to enhance the credibility, scope and reach of our efforts.

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