Public Affairs

A company’s relationship with its stakeholders—customers, clients, media, trade organizations, analysts, bloggers, opinion leaders and policymakers—can make or break its future. Havas PR’s public affairs experts understand that successful companies not only engage and communicate with their stakeholders but also mobilize their influence to build and maintain a strong reputation.

We’re set apart from the competition with our double-capacity strategic advice, which we tailor for each client and implement on a wide range of targets. Our advice is frank and no-nonsense, and our thought leadership is smart and real, not just standard marketing jargon. To execute our strategies, we use a broad range of integrated services such as PR, tech tools, advertising, monitoring, IR and financial communication.

Havas PR offers distinct public affairs offices in Brussels, London and Paris. Each offers its own highly specialized expertise and connections. And each is small enough to provide a personalized service from senior consultants with top-drawer experience but still part of a global network that offers added reach.

The expert teams at Havas PR move easily and effectively among the worlds of communication, politics/institutions and business. They meet clients’ needs in fields as diverse as finance, corporate and crisis management. This synergy allows us to be innovative and efficient in many different areas—capable of building a network for a company, modernizing and developing an international image, managing a crisis, and supporting a company in its strategic and financial operations.

Our international team of multilingual consultants operates in a wide range of sectors including banking, chemicals, corporate social responsibility, environment, financial services, food safety, healthcare, IT, services, social affairs, telecommunications and transport. Our knowledge in particular pertains to competition (antitrust, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions), market access (energy, financial services, telecom/IT, transport), and consumer protection and environmental standards (chemicals, food and beverages, health and beauty).

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