Our Strategic Planning

For clients new and existing, we do not wait for the next headline, we newscraft it to make the future ours today.

The Havas PR toolbox has been revamped to reflect the 365/24/7 news cycle we live in, the sophisticated consumer that drives our clients’ businesses and the blurring lines between categories. Through the power of storytelling, Havas PR weaves a global narrative that drives behavior change and puts our clients at the center of cultural storms.

The Red Thread framework is our unique storytelling tool that allows us to thread the essence of a client’s company or brand through a global narrative that is told across multiple channels. We write the book on a client’s future. The story we choose for that client (whether a business or an individual) is threaded through all our work for them, creating consistency, color and a distinctive, memorable impression.

First we spell out what success means for our audiences and for the client. We determine the behaviors we want to change. Then we start from the heart, focusing on the people who will hear the story and understanding the hidden truths that move them. We decipher the culture of the category and unearth what the client can say that’s different, true and emotionally compelling. Through this framework Havas PR connects with clients, influencers and consumers.