[Agency: Havas Worldwide Zagreb]

Challenge: When Sberbank opened in Croatia with its flagship office in Zagreb, we needed to present its visual identity and key people to the general public, future business partners and key media representatives.

Actions: We planned an event that began with the usual agenda (speeches by dignitaries), but as that finished, instead of proceeding to the ribbon-cutting ceremony the guests heard music. Famous Croatian cellist Ana Rucner was descending from the top of the building, suspended on a wire while playing Vivaldi. Most spectacularly, her green dress (matching the corporate Sberbank color) extended into two huge banners that, as she was coming down, trailed over the building façade, covering it in Sberbank green banners with corporate logos. As Rucner finished her performance, she handed the ceremonial scissors to the dignitaries and the ribbon was cut. The opening ceremony was followed by a press conference and a panel discussion, attended by most economic and political VIPs from Croatia and Russia, presenting Sberbank as a partner with a certain know-how when doing business in Russia, one of the biggest markets in the world.

Results: There was extraordinary turnout by media representatives at all three segments of the event. Total PR value of the reports published and broadcast was 4.920.474,60 kn