Self-: The Übertrend of 2015

DECEMBER 9, 2014 — It’s that time of year again, as Havas Worldwide launches its annual trends report, headed up by the Havas PR North America team. For 2015, we’re forecasting 12 months filled with everything focused on ourselves, from self-tracking to self-improvement and more. This thought from our report is just one example: “In a world in which self-employment has become a vital alternative to employment by others, self-promotion is becoming an important tool for self-preservation.” Why so important now? As we explain: “We can’t take much more turbulence, and maybe that’s we’re all trying to save our individual selves.” The report’s nine other trends focus on the global middle class, the desire to be memorable, bugs, safe eating, frenemies, women, wild things, small business and the new local. Go to to download a copy of “10 Trends for 2015” and educate yourself about what we’ll all be discussing and living in the near future.