SGEB 10-Year Anniversary

[Agency: Havas PR Sofia]

Challenge: To celebrate 10 years of a successful wedding between Société Générale and Expressbank (SGEB), the bank wanted to use an integrated strategic comms approach to communicate its main messages of stability and partnership to external and internal audiences. It also wanted to use the strategy to form a smooth transition from its 2009 corporate positioning to a new concept for 2010.

Actions: Havas PR Sofia created a series of events for external and internal audiences and a special logo that was incorporated in PR, commercial and corporate communication. To personalize the experience for the internal audience, we devised a competition—Banker’s Story—that was a collection of best practices and experiences while working with clients; five winning SGEB employees were awarded iPods during a lunch with the CEO. We also used these communication tools, among others, to announce the anniversary campaign: a celebration email to all employees sent by the CEO; a dedicated intranet section; and a special 10-year internal magazine edition.

Results: For the overall campaign, more than 30 print publications, 50 Internet publications and TV broadcasts on national television covered the story with bank branding visible. Guests at events gave excellent feedback, gathered in a Golden book. And, most important to this aspect of the campaign, SGEB employees gave very good feedback about the campaign, based on internal inquiry.

[photo: Hirlimann]