[Agency: Havas PR Global Collective]

Challenge: Headquartered in France, Sodexo wasn’t particularly well known in the U.S., where it had been inaccurately perceived as just a food service/catering company. The company’s positioning as a leader in quality-of-life services needed to be explained to American journalists in a way they could relate to and find newsworthy.

Actions: Havas PR Paris and New York, along with logistics managers Havas Events, embarked on a 10-month PR campaign, culminating in a high-level conference in New York. We hit the ground running in fall 2014, placing a series of op-eds to introduce quality-of-life topics to the U.S. and global business and trade media. In January 2015, Havas coordinated a targeted tweet campaign and a blogger day; add in an executive media tour in March and the stage was set for success at the May conference. Onsite, the global PR team set up media training for all executive committee members and coordinated and executed a schedule of more than 25 interviews.

Results: The campaign was a success, introducing quality of life to a high-level audience of more than 200 leaders in the corporate, healthcare and education sectors. Blogger and Twitter impressions reached more than 3 million, and the op-eds, CEO media tour and on-site interviews garnered more than 50 million impressions. Best of all, the client appreciated our ability to truly operate as a joint global team.