Taking StriVectin Social

[Agency: Cake New York]

Challenge: StriVectin had a large group of advocates in general and a nominal fan base on Facebook, but it had little to no relationship with social audiences because the company had done no initiatives to drive traffic into that realm. StriVectin wanted us to change that.

Actions: Cake New York recommended that StriVectin elevate the conversation with its audience to focus less on antiaging products and more on celebrating women as they age. We used experts in multiple fields to advise the core audience about improving themselves and getting healthy in eight weeks through a series of informative videos. We created social, engaging advertising through a partnership with someecards. Cake also grew and celebrated StriVectin’s social community with a “Fab @ 50” Facebook contest, Get Even product sampling and Freebie Friday. And we expanded community offerings with the launch of the first-ever book club solely on Facebook.

Results: Change is good: With our social activation, StriVectin got more than 55,000 Facebook fans, 100 million earned online impressions, 1,000-plus interactions with the Book Club app and more than 100,000 interactions with the someecards partnership.