The Benefits of Waste Separation: FairPay

[Agency: Havas PR Germany, Hamburg]

Challenge: Abfallwirtschaft Südholstein (AWSH), a German waste management company, was introducing a new tariff concept. Our challenge was to support AWSH’s concept with effective media communication to increase acceptance among citizens.

Actions: Havas PR Hamburg developed the campaign “FairPay” to provide AWSH’s customers with incentives to separate recyclable materials from residual waste. By actively communicating the benefits of waste separation, the campaign taught consumers that the new tariff system is more economical and fair: It helps 80 to 90 percent of customers reduce their expenses for waste disposal, but only if they separate their waste consistently. Customers now understand the correlation between the separation of recyclable materials and the benefits for themselves.

Press conferences, active media work, team training, a hotline and an information brochure helped to make the new tariff concept and its benefits well known to a majority of citizens. Furthermore, Havas PR Hamburg provided AWSH with a tariff calculator on its website, newspaper advertorials, and posters and banners to achieve a high level of acceptance.

Results: More than 100 positive to neutral media publications and about 40,000 change requests for bio and paper bins confirm the campaign’s success. In 2014, AWSH registered an increase of 3,500 tons of bio waste, about 500 tons of additional waste paper and a decrease of about 1,200 tons of residual waste compared with 2013.