The Best Stories of the Week

APRIL 9, 2014 — It’s the culmination of another awards season, and we are on overdrive pulling our Red Threads through some of the best work we’ve done in the past year. But this week the best story being told is by leading scientists around the world, who are relating the latest climate science update to audiences everywhere. With the help of a global consortium of Havas PR agencies and affiliates that we created, they are delivering the facts in a language everyone can understand through media worldwide. The first phase of the report, released in September 2013, garnered 412 million media impressions and 85 percent sustained, on-message positive coverage (and 10 percent neutral), versus 61 percent positive coverage the previous six months. The release of the second phase of the report in the past week has received unprecedented coverage, reaching more than 1 billion people to date and measured at 90 percent positive so far.