Italian Diabetes Control

[Agency: Havas PR Milan]

Challenge: To promote a better/stricter diabetes control approach across all the stakeholders of the diabetes disease management process as the best means to reduce complications according to medical evidence.

Actions: Havas PR Milan managed the multi-level, multi-target, multi-phase evidence-based awareness campaign, which was promoted by the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) and its Italian affiliates, and supported by a grant from Sanofi Italy. In phase one, we collected research to build an effective campaign with healthcare professionals; phase two involved a roadshow with information and screenings (we covered institutional relations, press office, educational tools and online communication); and phase three included a new roadshow and partnerships with businesses (for education and screenings), sports teams (to support people with diabetes to get involved in sports) and schools (to promote prevention).

Results: Over four years, we saw great support among many communities for the campaign and a strong collaboration among healthcare professionals and all stakeholders. Specifically, the roadshows made 88 stops, where 231,325 people visited. Partnerships included 170 institutions, 1,431 health units/hospitals and 4,441 pharmacists. We delivered 1.3 million brochures and, most important, 16,520 people got medical checkups. We also garnered 3,644 media clippings, for a total reach of 551,432,169.