Transitions Optical Multicultural

[Agency: Havas PR North America]

Challenge: We set our sights on directly targeting multicultural markets, identifying the demographic groups at highest risk for most eye health issues, and reaching them through key influencers. Initial efforts focused on the Hispanic demographic, the largest and fastest-growing population segment, then extended to Asian- and African-American populations.

Actions: We broadened Transitions’ messaging to include new groups, built relationships with eye-care professionals (ECPs) and cultural experts to further establish the company’s credibility, and developed educational materials for ECPs about the unique eye health and communications needs of Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American patients. We also developed tools to make it easier to communicate to patients if there was a language barrier.

Results: The campaign garnered 2.9 million trade media impressions. Transitions got tens of thousands of requests for materials, and sales of Transitions lenses increased in a flat market.