[Agency: Havas PR Global Collective]

Challenge: In 2013, the United Nations Foundation gathered allies to help change the narrative around science and climate change in conjunction with the release of one of the world’s most authoritative science reports. We were tasked with generating positive coverage.

Actions: Havas PR created a global consortium to support the report’s release in 10 countries with consistent, scientifically based (yet understandable) messaging. We developed media curricula and implemented them with 150-plus scientists worldwide, then connected the scientists as local resources to comment about the report’s phases. Our agencies also launched Climasphere.org, a first-of-its-kind resource for climate change influencers, and a digital strategy that enabled #climateimpacts to be among Twitter’s trending conversations globally.

Results: Phase one produced 412 million media impressions with 85 percent sustained, on-message positive coverage and 10 percent neutral. The release of the second and third phases received unprecedented coverage—17 billion impressions, 57 percent of which were positive and 40 percent neutral—and, according to a key executive associated with the report, “by every account this must have been one of [our] most impressive launches ever.” The final report generated more than 7 billion impressions with over 90 percent combined positive/neutral coverage. Finally, more than 100 organizations joined with our consortium to present a united communications strategy.