Health and Wellness Branding Digest, July 2, 2015

New York State Gets Wellness Marketing Right with Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign
(MediaPost, 23.06.15)

New Yorkers are now breathing more freely, thanks to the decrease in tobacco use among its population, but getting there has been a difficult, 10-year-long process. While the national adult smoker population lingers at 18%, New York stays below that mark, owed much in part to the state’s dedication to anti-smoking campaigns. While it’s still an ongoing battle, there’s much to be learned by New York’s effective quest to decrease tobacco use, especially in the multicultural space.

Why More Companies Today Are Embracing Wellness
(AdWeek, 21.06.15)

Even Don Draper meditates. And when he does, the fictional ad titan comes up with a seminal feel-good commercial for Coca-Cola that teaches the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Marketing at 24 Frames per Second
(Medical Marketing & Media, 02.04.15)

When I say to my colleagues, “We need to do more video,” I don’t just mean that we need to make more videos. I mean that we as marketers need to live, breathe and think video with every brand and message we create.

Why Storytelling Is a Powerful Tool for Hospital Patients
(PRWeek, 26.03.15)

John Englehart, CMO for the Hospital for Special Surgery, talks to Lindsay Stein about how powerful storytelling is a key tool for patients.

“As social is where consumers’ eyeballs are, businesses must take ownership of their online company profiles.” —Ryan Holmes

Lifestyle Branding Digest, July 1, 2015

Oh, to Be Young, Millennial, and So Wanted by Marketers
(The New York Times, 20.06.15)

It’s yet another play in the millennial mania that is overtaking all manner of businesses, and seems to be getting more obsessive by the day. Not since the baby boomers came of age has a generation been the target of such fixation.

Focus on Customers to Build a Better Future
(, 05.06.15)

A year ago, Forrester Research showed us that the “omnichannel customer experience is now a brand differentiator” and can “increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand perception.” That’s why many companies now integrate Web, mobile and in-store experiences.

Don’t Put All Millennials in the Same Box
(PRWeek, 22.05.15)

Millennials are not a homogenous group of individuals, so a one-size-fits-all marcomms approach won’t work.

Using Vouchers and Incentives to Add Brand Value
(Marketing Week, 16.04.15)

As consumers grow less impressed by the discounts brands offer through vouchers, using the tactic successfully has become as much about brand building and forming beneficial partnerships as about the depth of the money-off offer.

“Never underestimate the power of basic, simple questions.” —Anne Sempowski Ward

Cause Branding Digest, June 30, 2015

How Corporate Social Responsibility Is Moving from Optional to Mandatory
(Forbes, 07.05.15)

“Sustainability for a business today is not a nice-to-do thing,” said Arif Naqvi, founder and group chief executive of the Abraaj Group. “It’s a have-to-do thing.”

Does Cause Marketing Actually Work? Measuring the Success of a ‘Drink More Water’ Campaign
(Fast Company, 06.05.15)

Did the talking water fountains and humorous ads of Michelle Obama’s “Drink Up” campaign keep people more hydrated? New consumer tracking techniques can help answer the question.

A Next Generation of Cause Marketing Featuring … Integrity! (We Hope)
(Nonprofit Quarterly, 30.04.15)

Can we build work-lives around people–instead of the other way around?

To Create an Underlying Social Mission, Focus on the 3S’s
(Entrepreneur, 09.04.15)

Everybody has a story. Throughout my 20s, I was a workaholic. I was never present, and my dream was to sell my business. It wasn’t until I achieved my goal and made lots of money that I realized that this kind of success didn’t make me happy. In fact, it made me miserable.

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” —Betty Bender

Personal Branding Digest, June 26, 2015

Mastering LinkedIn, the Personal Branding Epicenter of the Internet
(Entrepreneur, 04.06.15)

LinkedIn enters into every conversation I have about personal branding. It comes up in the daily conversations I have about content marketing and new media advertising. And whenever I’m tasked with helping people get started with social media marketing, the discussion always includes LinkedIn.

Taking Personal Branding to an Experiential Level
(The Epoch Times, 26.05.15)

I get asked by business owners all the time: How do I communicate my value in such a clear way that prospects choose me every time? The answer is simple, but the delivery is quite complex. What you need to do is rethink your personal brand and make it as experiential as possible so that it delivers on the results you promised clients and also over-delivers on their expectations.

How to Avoid the Five Worst Personal Branding Mistakes
(Forbes, 23.05.15)

It’s hard to talk or write about yourself. We don’t know where to start. On top of that, articles and books and webinars for years have been teaching people the most heinous personal branding ideas imaginable. We’ve been taught to bury our personalities under piles of bureaucratic sludge. No wonder people are confused about how to describe themselves in writing!

Expand Your Personal Brand with Industry Influencers
(Business2Community, 12.05.15)

Authority and influence is top dog in today’s social-driven marketplace. Your brand’s reputation is seen through who your connections are and how authentic your persona is.

“Look for possibilities and progress, don’t compare and justify.” —Alicia Enciso

Health and Wellness Branding Digest, June 25, 2015

Marketing Clinical Research
(Natural Products Insider, 18.06.15)

Clinical trials are a vital part of the marketing messages supplement companies use to connect with and educate consumers, but regulations and study design are factors to be considered before marketing or research begins. As marketing goals increasingly demand the use of health benefit claims and regulatory agencies increasingly take action against violative claims, it is important for marketing goals and personnel to be involved in the process of clinical study design.

Is Legacy Healthcare Marketing Obstructing Healthcare Consumerism?
(LinkedIn, 12.06.15)

It’s well documented that the healthcare consumer and patient is actively engaged in searching for quality and price information when selecting healthcare providers. Social media, web sites, mobile apps and other channels play significant roles in the consumer informational quest. Each day more and more disruptive innovation takes place that brings the data healthcare consumers need to the forefront in spite of hospitals and health systems. News coverage by electronic and print channels is also intensifying the pressure for price and quality transparency.

5 Ways Providers Can Improve Marketing in the Mobile Age
(Health Data Management, 10.06.15)

The age of consumer empowerment has arrived in the healthcare industry. Medical patients are now acting like informed customers. They’re using digital and mobile technology to research doctors and become more informed of healthcare choices. They expect providers to make it easy to learn about their credentials, read patient reviews, and book appointments online.

Biosimilar Uptake Will Require Companies to Tell a Trustworthy Backstory
(Medical Marketing & Media, 12.03.15)

Novartis still has to win a patent-infringement lawsuit before it can sell Zarxio, the first biosimilar to receive FDA approval, but experts and advocates indicate the potential rollout of the drug is less important than the fact that the approval has smoothed the way for the four biosimilar applications in front of the FDA.

“Details create the big picture.” —Sanford I. Weill

Lifestyle Branding Digest, June 24, 2015

20 Symptoms Your Marketing Is Not Performing
(The Huffington Post, 16.06.15)

Have you ever wondered why your marketing is not attracting the quantity of customers you need? “Where are the prospects?” you ask. As a marketer, this is a tremendous fear that many of us have when we realize our pipeline isn’t full of quality prospects and doesn’t appear to be attracting more. When you finally think it with that little voice in your head, you know it’s time to figure out the problem immediately, or it may be too late.

To Drive Brand Engagement, Put Customers Behind the Wheel
(, 02.06.15)

User-generated content is commonly considered to be “any form of content, such as blogs, wikis, discussion forums, posts, chats, tweets, podcasts, pins, digital images, video, audio files, and other forms of media created by an online system or service.” Its use entered the mainstream in 2005, and growth of UGC has exploded ever since.

What Cowgirls Know About Branding that We Don’t
(Forbes, 18.05.15)

At our Double Heart Ranch in the Texas Hill Country, we have some formidable brand advocates—our Longhorn Cattle. Here in Texas, Longhorn cattle are required to be branded in order to be registered as a member of this noble breed, which is a direct descendant of the very first cattle in the New World. So the Longhorn cattle in our pastures wear our brand on their backsides for life, and in a sense, so do all of us who live and work at the Double Heart—because, we, all of us, cattle and goats and people alike, are all Double Heart through and through.

How Iconic Design Builds Time-Tested Brands
(Marketing Week, 25.03.15)

The word ‘iconic’ is often overused in the marketing industry, but those brands that have truly succeeded in creating instantly recognisable brand design with lasting cultural impact reap consistent rewards from the effects on brand awareness and sales.

“Just build your brand from day one, man. Your brand is your name, basically. A lot of people don’t know that they need to build their brand, your brand is what keeps you moving.” —Meek Mill

Cause Branding Digest, June 23, 2015

Time to Hit the Corporate Social Responsibility ‘Reset Button’
(Forbes, 31.05.15)

It is only a slight overstatement to say that over the last several decades corporate social responsibility “CSR” programs have become commonplace within many large companies and financial institutions, particularly those who have investments abroad. This is especially the case for sizeable private foreign firms operating in emerging markets, where enterprise-sponsored initiatives aimed at facilitating economic development are seen as avenues for business to “do well by doing good.”

New Demand Driving Sustainable Food Growth
(Marketing Week, 29.05.15)

Sales of organic and locally sourced foods are on the increase and the wider food industry is once again looking to sustainability as a differentiator, with McDonald’s and KFC making new sourcing commitments, but brands still have work to do to convince consumers.

10 Steps to a Dynamic Corporate Responsibility Annual Report
(Entrepreneur, 28.04.15)

Knowing how to develop and launch a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program and branding your CSR efforts are two very different things. Although there are numerous ways, one of the best ways to effectively brand your program is through an annual report outlining the efforts and accomplishments of the previous last 12 months. While every annual CSR and sustainability report looks different, the goal is the same: to captivate, inform and excite your reading audience.

5 Ways to Promote a Giving Corporate Culture All Year Long
(Triple Pundit, 25.03.15)

You know that feeling you get when you’ve given someone the perfect gift. You watch in anticipation as she unties the ribbon and unwraps the box. You see her face light up with joy and excitement, and you have a connection that brings you closer together. It’s these moments of connection that create harmony in the world.

“First and foremost, you have to believe what you’re saying.” —Paul Farmer

Corporate Branding Digest, June 22, 2015

The CFO’s Emerging Role in Marketing
(, 03.06.15)

As the voice of the customer rises and the ensuing power shift accelerates, the financial risk of marketing chasing proverbial rabbits down holes has increased correspondingly. Technology has become critical in driving marketing effectiveness, resulting in increased collaboration between CMOs and CIOs.

4 Ways to Drive Opportunities to Your Company with Executive Branding
(Forbes, 03.05.15)

Understanding executive branding is like unlocking the secret to getting picked first in middle school dodgeball. It centers on two things: being good and being liked. Similarly, executive branding verifies your value in the field and creates familiarity that enhances trust between you and potential customers.

How Data Quality Is Holding Brands Back from Achieving Customer Loyalty
(Marketing Week, 19.03.15)

It’s the sexy side of data that gets marketers’ pulses racing, but whether that means personalisation or predictive analytics, it is only possible if a brand gets the basics right with a focus on data quality and preparation. Yet 92% of businesses believe their data contains inaccuracies.

Visionary Leader or Pinocchio? 6 Behaviors Leaders Need in 2015
(Triple Pundit, 18.03.15)

Business leaders today are judged not only by the financial markets, but also by their employees and customers. Sites like Glassdoor give a forum for current and former employees to review employers and leaders. Meanwhile, Twitter and other social media channels expose customer complaints to the world, throwing a spotlight on how they are handled.

“Don’t be scared to try new things, but remember to hold on to the vision of your company and the initial successes that defined your brand.” —Ryan Holmes

Personal Branding Digest, June 19, 2015

We Are All Donald Trump Now
(Bloomberg, 16.06.15)

A presidential campaign is America’s ultimate personal branding opportunity—which is why candidate Trump makes sense.

6 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Personal Branding
(Entrepreneur, 02.06.15)

Personal branding is one of the most effective strategies available for modern businesses. Because consumers generally distrust corporate brands, personal brands offer a unique way to build trust, facilitate customer loyalty and ultimately increase revenue. In addition to being a novel marketing strategy, it can also help your business with recruiting and put you in a better position for a career change down the road.

How to Avoid the Five Worst Personal Branding Mistakes
(Forbes, 23.05.15)

It’s hard to talk or write about yourself. We don’t know where to start. On top of that, articles and books and webinars for years have been teaching people the most heinous personal branding ideas imaginable. We’ve been taught to bury our personalities under piles of bureaucratic sludge. No wonder people are confused about how to describe themselves in writing!

Find the Right Meme that Fits Your Personal Brand
(Business2Community, 04.05.15)

Creating graphic memes with quotes is a good way to encourage conversation and shares on social media. Having a standout visual marketing strategy is an important part of building your personal brand’s visibility; and, it’s important that you have a message match.

“Study the unusually successful people you know, and you will find them imbued with enthusiasm for their work which is contagious. Not only are they themselves excited about what they are doing, but they also get you excited.” —Paul W. Ivey

Lifestyle Branding Digest, June 18, 2015

How (and Why!) to Promote Your Employer Brand
(Business2Community, 12.06.15)

Brand is the bread and butter of any business. But branding extends beyond the messages you are transmitting to your target customer. This is where your employer brand comes into play.

Branding Offers Staff a Higher Purpose
(Financial Times, 28.05.15 )

As they cruise the travelators and walk the terminals, passengers at London’s Heathrow airport will notice that, along with the advertisements for duty-free drinks and perfumes, there are dozens of adverts for companies such as Accenture and HSBC. These stick out because they are not really meant for the companies’ customers even though they are hanging on the walls of what feels like a consumer space. In fact, they are there to speak as much to those who are employed by these companies as they do to others who might be thinking about using their services.

CEOs Need to Pay Attention to Employer Branding
(Harvard Business Review, 11.05.15)

As the global economy picks up, there is growing concern among CEOs about finding and keeping the best talent to achieve their growth ambitions. Different surveys show that in 2014, 36% of global employers reported talent shortages, the highest percentage since 2007, and in a more recent 2015 survey, 73% of CEOs reported being concerned about the availability of key skills. So how can companies compete effectively in this new war for talent? First and foremost, it’s time for leaders to focus on strengthening their organizations’ employer brands.

Why Branding Matters More to Employees than to Customers
(Forbes, 29.12.14)

A few years ago, I came up with the concept of underbranding, or the concept of focusing more attention on the elements that underlie your company’s brand. It was—and still is—little more than a loose concept, but perhaps you will turn it into something more.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” —Stephen R. Covey

Health and Wellness Branding Digest, June 17, 2015

Health Care Transparency Should Be About Strategy, Not Marketing
(Harvard Business Review, 21.05.15)

Health care organizations need to re-think their concept of strategy to thrive in a marketplace driven by competition on value – how well they improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. That re-thinking begins with clarifying what the organizations are truly trying to accomplish, and for what “customers,” and how they are going to distinguish themselves from competitors and offer a unique value proposition.

How One of Healthcare’s Hottest Startups Avoided Being a Middling Wellness Company
(MedCity News, 20.05.15)

More healthcare startups need to talk about their pivots: the moments when the idea they first started with crumbles and – through sheer force of the marketplace – is changed to what business should have been all along.

Finding Humanity at the Intersection of Health and Technology
(MediaPost, 10.04.15)

Over the last few months, there’s been increasing excitement around the innovations in health tech. You know health tech is at critical mass when it hits center stage at SXSW, and the Apple ResearchKit introduction promises to bring together personal healthcare data from a huge proportion of the population. With all the hubbub around the latest innovations, it’s important to identify the human stories at the center of the technology, which supports why the technology isn’t only inevitable, but necessary.

Healthcare Professionals: Chaos Breeds Opportunity
(Medical Marketing & Media, 03.03.15)

Physicians are under the crunch, make no mistake. The modern-day rigors of running a practice, such as maintaining electronic health records (EHRs), complying with legislation, checking formularies and dealing with digital correspondence are increasingly eating into their time for seeing patients and keeping up to date with clinical science. The good news is that they could use some help. The even better news is that they are open to receiving help from pharma companies. Unfortunately, pharma’s offerings to date have been a little spotty. And so doctors remain overwhelmed, yet under¬served. And therein lies the opportunity.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” —Albert Einstein

Lifestyle Branding Digest, June 16, 2015

Why Cultural Diversity Is a Marketer’s Dream
(, 05.06.15)

When you think of Chevrolet, you probably think of mountains, horses, and cowboys—masculine white men who drive off the beaten path. You probably don’t think about diversity.

7 of the Best Strategic Uses of Consumer-Facing Tech in Retail & Hospitality
(Forbes, 18.05.15)

Here are my top picks for pioneers embracing new forms of technology at retail, to differentiate themselves among digitally savvy target audiences. In so doing, they’re better meeting consumer needs such as product customization, or quality and speed of service and payment. Below are 7 standouts and how their experimentation with retail tech is helping them achieve their strategic goals.

Can Digital Innovation Save Humanity?
(MediaPost, 17.04.15)

These days, marketers are doing a lot more than developing advertisements and public relations campaigns. They are actively developing, investing in and helping to shape all kinds of digital innovations, from mobile applications to wearables.

Smart, Savvy and Synced: The Constantly Connected Customer
(Marketing Week, 13.03.15)

As consumers become more and more engaged with the digital sphere, the onus is on brands to create meaningful and personal experiences that cut through the noise to build rapport and shape lasting relationships.

“You just have to pay attention to what people need and what has not been done.” —Russell Simmons

Personal Branding Digest, June 12, 2015

6 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Personal Branding
(Entrepreneur, 02.06.15)

Personal branding is one of the most effective strategies available for modern businesses. Because consumers generally distrust corporate brands, personal brands offer a unique way to build trust, facilitate customer loyalty and ultimately increase revenue. In addition to being a novel marketing strategy, it can also help your business with recruiting and put you in a better position for a career change down the road.

Your Personal Brand Matters
(The Barrie Examiner, 18.05.15)

What about personal branding? How important is it in regard to your personal success? In my opinion, it is critical. You only need to take a look around to see the different personal brands that surround you every day. A quick scan of the office or workplace will give you a kaleidoscope of personal brands. Each has its own merits (and liabilities, for that matter). Choosing how you define and project your personal brand can be very important in regard to how you are perceived in the business world.

Shaping a Professional Personal Brand
(, 05.05.15)

Individuals looking for an edge in today’s connected and fast-paced working environment can use personal branding strategies to market themselves more effectively to prospective employers and clients.

10 Ways to Use Video for Vibrant Personal Branding
(Forbes, 20.01.15)

Video is the future. And the future begins now. To get ahead of your peers, make video a part of your communications strategy—today. You will stand out, make an emotional impact and develop important new skills in this increasingly vital medium.

A personal brand is “what others say about you when you’re not in the room.” —Jeff Bezos

Health and Wellness Branding Digest, June 11, 2015

Sharing an Insider’s Perspective on the Digital Health Revolution
(Forbes, 08.06.15)

We’re living in a moment in history when every aspect of our lives is being affected by technology, data, and a connected innovation ecosystem. As a result, the multi¬trillion-dollar health care industry is in the early stages of creative destruction and experiencing a global renaissance made possible by rapidly changing business models, massive demand for better (and more cost-effective) care, a digital revolution that’s quickly changing what’s possible and an influx of talented healthcare transformers equipped to radically improve the status quo.

Healthcare Marketing: 9 Tips that Will Make You a King
(MedCity News, 14.05.15)

The global healthcare IT market is projected to hit $66 billion by 2020, according to a report from Global Industry Analysts. The growth is driven by strong emphasis on improving the profitability of healthcare institutions, increasing demand for quality healthcare services, and growing acceptance of mHealth and eHealth practices.

Call Centers—Filling the Gaps in the Patient Care Continuum
(MediaPost, 24.04.15)

A report in Healthcare IT News, “Strategies to Maximize Patient Engagement and Retention,” observed that the healthcare industry is evolving to a model where patients are approaching their healthcare as consumers. As a result, patients’ expectations of an “exceptional care experience” are requiring that providers start engaging patients not only during office visits, but throughout the care continuum. To achieve this end, the single most important component is communication.

The Future of Commercial in a Global Multichannel Marketplace
(Medical Marketing & Media, 06.03.15)

In an increasingly global marketplace, the challenge facing life sciences companies to harmonize their operations for maximum efficiency is greater than ever. This growth in commercial opportunities is paralleled by an explosion in communication channels between healthcare organizations and stakeholders.

“Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.” —Alfred A. Montapert

Lifestyle Branding Digest, June 10, 2015

Seven Strategies for Humanizing Brand Storytelling
(The Huffington Post, 21.05.15)

Sales and customer service teams are changing. Rather than having people sit in cubicles for eight hours a day making calls, companies are now taking advantage of the latest cloud-computing technology to create virtual teams whose members are distributed across the globe, speaking with prospective and current clients in their individual locations.

Niche Marketers Target the 1%—at Their Peril
(Crain’s New York Business, 11.05.15)

Some focus on the high-end market, but that strategy has its risks.

4 Tips to Forge Winning Client Relationships for the Long Term
(Entrepreneur, 08.04.15)

As a service-based business, while landing new clients is a critical part of the mix, relationships built and nurtured over time is where the real juice is—offering a level of stability and scaleability that’s essential to long-term health and success.

Branding 101: Avoid ‘We Want to Suck Your Wallet Dry’
(Forbes, 11.03.15)

But at too many firms, marketing is about spin. There’s not enough substance under the brand.

“Levi’s was the original Silicon Valley startup. We blossomed during the gold rush and we need to rekindle that spirit every single day.” —Chip Bergh