Did Obama or Your Boss Overstay Summer Vacation?

[Originally posted on Forbes.com.]

Every August, millions of Americans take vacations. And every year, the most powerful of them, their president, takes a lot of heat just for taking his—and also for where he goes. Powerful business executives, too, take hits for their choice and length of retreat.
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Havas PR North America: We’re A-Listers

PR News’ new Agency A-List Awards showcase the top PR agencies in the United States by practice area, and we have been named a finalist in three areas: Cause/CSR (earlier this year we were also honored, for the second year in a row, with one of 10 spots on PR News CSR A-List), Training/Education Program (for the four-module e-learning program we launched Havas-wide that draws on the impact of trends in the media and among brands and consumer demography, offering concrete tools and lessons) and Agency Awe Professional (that’s for our multi-award-winning CEO, Marian Salzman).