Who We Are

Here’s a brief on our bold, collaborative, innovative, entrepreneurial, constructively disruptive, risk-taking, adjective-happy success story of an agency.

For starters, for the past five years we have been one of the most celebrated agencies of our size, honored for client work, agency initiatives and superlative staff. We are all about what’s important in our culture now, we’re best at shaking up with what comes next, and we own the hashtag in our campaigns and agency initiatives—so we often refer to ourselves by our Twitter handle, @havasprus.

Havas PR is the North American earned-media and buzz boutique of French holding company Havas. Meaning: We’re an agency of newscrafters—of finding the right story, getting it to the right audience and getting it buzzing. Our mantra for our clients (and ourselves) is this: “Don’t be in the news; BE the news.” And we generate opportunities for them to do just that.

Being newscrafters is part of Havas PR’s innovative positioning as future creators, working to originate the next headline. We’ve been so successful at it that we’ve sometimes changed everyone’s future. We popularized the term “metrosexual” to launch Peroni in the U.S. and took the concept to the stratosphere. (In the decade since, we’ve been at the forefront of the movement of marketing to men.) Only slightly less pervasive, we hooked up Polaroid with Outkast before they topped the charts, and before you knew it, everyone was shakin’ it like a Polaroid picture. We spotted the “Local is the new global” trend before most and have used it to great advantage for everyone from a major pharmaceutical company to one of the country’s largest retailers to the top banana in the food industry.

No matter what we’re doing, we do it with a passion, and that includes our CSR work. With our Baker’s Dozen innovation, we’ve discovered the recipe for doing good and being profitable. We’re thought leaders in cause marketing. Our global network even started a nonprofit global platform for young leaders to help them do something they’re already yearning to do: Change the world. (And @havasprus’s Pittsburgh office created an innovative—and successful!—bid for the summit to travel to the Steel City in 2012.) We leverage partnerships, research, PR and marketing expertise, and the aforementioned passion, and clients have met us in this common ground of doing well by doing good.

For all these reasons and more, Havas PR has seen significant growth in the past three years. And did we mention our 85-plus honors in the 2013-14 awards cycles? (And counting.)

We like to work with bottom lines, so here is one about us: We’re grounded in media, strategy, client service and community. Keep reading to learn more.