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Hitting Shelves Next Month, ‘An Unseen Angel’ Chronicles Alissa Parker’s Story of Faith, Hope and Healing After Tragedy

VANCOUVER, Wash., March 23, 2017—Alissa Parker, whose daughter Emilie died during the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, will release the first book on the matter with a faith-filled, spiritual approach. Debuting April 4, An Unseen Angel: A Mother’s Story of Healing and Hope After Sandy Hook focuses on the mother’s complete journey, from coping to healing to forgiveness to gratitude for the life of her child.

“Violence, grief and loss are not what this book is primarily about; at least, I prefer not to look at it that way,” says Parker. “Although it contains tragedy, my story is ultimately not tragic. The story I feel compelled to share is one of help and healing. It is a story of how God’s love and protection surrounded me during my darkest hour.”

In the book, Parker shares the desperation she felt upon hearing the news of her daughter’s untimely death, as well as how her prayers for comfort were answered when friends around the country shared experiences they had of sensing Emilie’s presence. This, plus Parker’s own experience with Emilie as an “unseen angel,” was the message she needed in order to extend forgiveness to the gunman and, in doing so, feel real peace.

Parker describes a bond of love between a mother and daughter that is so profound it transcends the physical body and touches her and the people who feel Emilie’s presence every day. An Unseen Angel also articulates Parker’s deep Christian faith, which provided answers to her gut-wrenching, post-tragedy questioning.

Published by Shadow Mountain Publishing, An Unseen Angel is available for pre-order on Amazon. For more information, please visit

About Alissa Parker
Alissa Parker grew up in Ogden, Utah, the youngest of five children. She graduated from Weber State University and there married her high school sweetheart, Robbie. They are the proud parents of three beautiful girls: Emilie (who passed away at age 6 during the Sandy Hook shooting), Madeline, 9, and Samantha, 7. After Emilie’s death, Parker began TheParkerFive blog as a tool to express the emotions she and her family experienced throughout the grieving process. She is also the cofounder of Safe and Sounds Schools, which helps people take action to make schools safer, and the Emilie Parker Art Connection, a charity helping local community arts programs for children. Parker currently resides in a small town outside of Vancouver, Washington, with her family and their four chickens. She is an avid photographer, crafter and reader, and amateur gardener.

The Parker family’s story has been featured on “CBS This Morning” and KOIN6, and in the Daily Mail and Salt Lake Tribune, among others.


The New Entity Will Gather 4,000+ Professionals Around the World

PUTEAUX, France, March 9, 2017—Havas Group announced today that Havas Health becomes Havas Health & You, joining together the agencies of Havas Health with the consumer health marketing communications practices across Havas companies around the world. The broadened entity and new name reflect an amplified expression of the group’s future-forward positioning and expanded offering, building out best-in-class disciplines and integrating the many products and services the Havas agencies offer across the health and healthy lifestyle continuum.

Donna Murphy, who has spent most of her professional career building industry-leading Havas Health, will extend her leadership role in the new enterprise as its CEO. She will continue to report to Yannick Bolloré, chairman and CEO of Havas Group, and will join the group’s executive committee.

“It has been my vision for many years to expand our scope from merely ‘health’ to the growing realm of health and wellness, of healthy lifestyles,” Murphy said. “Our new broader remit, a next generation humanistic name and mission will enable us to deliver even more fully on our promise to clients to execute end-to-end marketing programs with paid, earned and owned media solutions to create even more opportunities for them.”

“This newly named coalition takes the ‘Together’ strategy we launched in 2013 to the next level,” added Bolloré. “Havas Health & You will be truly ‘Together’ in the best sense, converged and working without regard to borders or any antiquated marketing distinctions to serve the pharmaceutical and life sciences brands and products we have always served as well as companies that are in the business of nurturing and healing.”

The aim of Havas Health & You is to change minds, lives, reputations—and business outcomes—for the better. By unifying its professional and consumer health foundation, existing capabilities and 4,000+ talented employees across the world, Havas is building a strong platform for service.

Health and wellness is one of the fastest-growing global economies: From 2013 to 2015, it grew by 10.6 percent, accounting for $3.7 trillion in 2015, or 5.1 percent of the global economic output. As wellness expands, so do its multiple subcategories; it’s multidimensional—impacting mind, body, heart and soul. With technology rapidly evolving and empowering consumers to improve their wellness, the wellness market will grow to an estimated $500 billion to $750 billion by 2021.

In this light, Havas Health & You will be the trusted partner that health-forward brands turn to create valuable, dynamic and engaging experiences across the wellness journey that drive enduring, positive health changes and sustainable business growth.

For more information on Havas Health & You, visit

About Havas Group
Havas is one of the world’s largest global communications groups. Founded in 1835 in Paris, the Group now employs 20,000 people in over 100 countries. Havas Group is committed to being the world’s best company at creating meaningful connections between people and brands through creativity, media and innovation. Havas is also the most integrated Group in its sector: the Together Strategy is implemented through Havas Villages, where most creative and media teams share the same premises, increasing synergies for clients and better serving their needs.

About Havas Health & You
Havas Health & You unites Havas Life, Health4Brands (H4B), Havas Lynx and Havas Life PR, all wholly owned health and communications networks, with the consumer health businesses and practices of Havas Creative Group. Its customer-centric approach has the talent, tenacity and technology that health and wellness companies, brands and people need to thrive in today’s world. For more information, go to


Leaders from United Nations Foundation, 92nd Street Y, Copia and Epic Decade Will Explore How to Build Pop-Up Movements with Purpose

NEW YORK CITY—March 8, 2017—Today, Havas PR North America announced it will bring together four key leaders from the social impact space for a panel discussion at this year’s South by Southwest festival and conference called “How to Build a Pop-Up Movement with Purpose.”

At a time in which movements can start and spread almost exclusively through digital and social platforms, the panelists will explore some of the most successful movements and the lessons they’ve yielded for NGOs and corporations. The discussion will take place on Saturday, March 11, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST at the JW Marriott, Room 201-202, 110 E 2nd St., Austin, Texas.

Caleb Tiller, executive director of communications and public affairs for the United Nations Foundation, will moderate the panel and will be joined by Asha Curran, chief innovation officer for the 92nd Street Y, Komal Ahmad, founder and CEO of Copia, and Seth Goldenberg, founder and CEO of Epic Decade.

“Cause is one of our agency’s longest-standing obsessions and specialties, and a command of it has never been more essential than it is today, when brands are having to walk a political tightrope, consumers are boycotting and many people around the world are advocating and protesting more loudly than ever for what they do and don’t want,” says Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR. “Given today’s political climate, it’s crucial for brands to be agile when it comes to advocacy. Doing nothing is not an option. Also not an option: taking a stand that strays from your brand narrative.”

We have selected these leaders to participate in this panel discussion as they have dedicated their careers to exploring innovative ways to make an impact. Most recently, Curran’s work with #GivingTuesday took a political turn; as the global day of giving back fell exactly three weeks to the day after the American election, she specifically called on women to give back as a way to show solidarity. Ahmad and Copia most recently worked with “Slumdog Millionaire” star Freida Pinto to collect and deliver leftover food from the Oscars to the hungry in Los Angeles. In 2008, Goldenberg’s event Dialog:City became among the most highly acclaimed programs at the Democratic National Convention.

“Activism around causes is taking new forms and is shifting faster than we’ve ever seen before, with more brands and people speaking out in ever-evolving ways,” says Tiller. “As we all seek to find the best path forward, I’m honored to have the opportunity to moderate this panel and to speak with some of the most innovative movement builders of our time.”

A registered SXSW badge is required for admission to this panel. You can register here.

About Havas PR
Our call to action is “Connected,” and our commitment is to the Future First. As the North American earned-media and buzz agency within French holding company Havas, we’re part of the Havas PR Global Collective. Headquartered in New York City with offices in the three P’s—Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Providence—Havas PR North America is one of the most awarded agencies of our size in the U.S. For more information, go to


Nationwide Survey Reveals Many Find Today’s Affairs of State More Exciting Than the Big Match

NEW YORK CITY—Feb. 9, 2017—A lot of Americans are finding politics today more gripping than the nation’s biggest sporting event, the Super Bowl, according to a new nationwide survey commissioned by Havas PR North America.

The survey, taken online immediately after the nail-biting comeback of the New England Patriots to win the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston, found that over one quarter (26 percent) of respondents agree with the statement “Politics these days are much more exciting than the Super Bowl.” This view is even more common among Americans under the age of 46 (30 percent) than those over age 46 (16 percent).

“To understand how significant these figures are, imagine how few Americans would have found politics more exciting than the nation’s premier sporting event five, 10 or 15 years ago. Now it’s a trend that’s happening in plain sight. Over the past 18 months, politics has provided a daily hit of high drama that’s reversed the flagging fortunes of news media,” said Marian Salzman, Havas PR CEO. “We saw similar numbers driving a surprise shift back nearly 20 years ago, when we called the Rise of Religion.”

The survey also found encouraging news for Super Bowl advertisers who took the risk of mixing politics in with their messaging. A solid one-third of survey respondents (33 percent) agreed that “It’s okay for Super Bowl advertising to make political commentary,” and more generally, a clear majority (59 percent) agreed, “I am not concerned whether or not brands become engaged in politics.”

“We’re seeing a profound shift in what commands Americans’ attention, with big implications for brand communication and messaging,” Salzman added. “The pulling power of set-piece marquee sports events is increasingly being challenged by the constant excitement of politics, with Americans rooting for their ‘team’ and their issues. The more compelling politics become, the more risks brands will have to take to get noticed. Expect a lot of delicate judgment calls to be made about whether to coattail the energy of a contentious issue, or play it safe and steer clear of anything that might be construed as political.”

For its big-ticket advertising shot in Super Bowl 2017, Budweiser aired a 60-second dramatization of founder Adolphus Busch emigrating from Germany and enduring hardships to set up the Anheuser-Busch brewery. This stirred up a social media hornet nest with calls to #boycottbudweiser and lots of media coverage.

Said Salzman, “The Budweiser ad might have been an unremarkable take on a foundation myth a few years ago, but this year, some commentators saw it as a political statement.”

In the Havas PR survey, Bud achieved the largest proportion of unprompted mentions for brands that made respondents feel good (30 percent for Bud and 5 percent for Anheuser-Busch) and also the largest for brands that made respondents feel bad (5 percent). Asked whether they knew of any brand(s) with a clear political leaning or preference, five percent cited Bud.

About the Survey
The survey was commissioned by Havas PR and fielded online by Market Probe International (MPI) after the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, 2017. The survey contained a mix of pre-coded and open-ended questions, which were hand-coded by MPI. The achieved sample was 513 respondents, with a mix of Super Bowl viewers and non-viewers.

About Havas PR
Our call to action is “Connected,” and our commitment is to the Future First. As the North American earned-media and buzz agency within French holding company Havas, we’re part of the Havas PR Global Collective. Headquartered in New York City with offices in the three P’s—Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Providence—Havas PR North America is one of the most awarded agencies of our size in the U.S. For more information, go to

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