You know the traditional B2B practice. But does it really say what we do? No.

That’s why we call our practice Business360—because it really communicates the depth of our offering.

Business360 reflects the surround-sound approach we take in engaging all the constituents important to our client companies. Because we become immersed in our clients’ businesses, they rely on us to establish and manage their reputations at many levels. They seek our counsel because of our proficiency in understanding business channels and influencers, as well as our experience in shaping opinions.

Think of it this way: Our client companies operate in their own mini-universes. They’re in orbit with their important audiences. We all know the communication dynamic has changed dramatically—no more two-way dialogue with corporations at the center pushing out and responding. Today, communication is dynamic, flowing fast and free in many different directions. Our role at Business360 is to quickly create and influence relationships at every connection.

We dimensionalize the 360-degree view of our clients by helping them become integrated as vital community members; educate and reward customers, partners and employees; and step up to engage with their industry competitors to do what’s right for the world.

To fully shape our clients’ reputation, @havaspr’s Business360 creates programs that tell a compelling, positive, well-rounded client story. We leverage the strengths of our four core focus areas:

Leadership. We create industry-recognized executive leaders and position companies as the vanguards in their industries as well as in the global business market.

Brand and Product Excitement. We work with clients to launch new brands, products and services—continually differentiating them in the marketplace and showcasing their value.

Influence and Constituency Building. We develop relationships with our clients’ direct and indirect customers and the business’ key opinion leaders, media and other constituencies that influence them.

Crisis and Issues Management. We work to protect the strength of clients’ and brands’ reputations by planning for transparent, open and consistent communications when issues and crises arise.

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