James Wright Appointed Global Chairman of Havas PR Collective and CEO of Havas PR North America

James Wright

The Havas Group today announced the appointment of James Wright as Global Chairman of the Havas PR Collective and CEO of Havas PR North America.

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Meet Havas PR’s 2018 Summer Interns!

Having recently kicked off our summer internship program, we’re excited to introduce you to the newest faces around our offices: Gianna Alberti, Halayna Barrett, Itzel Herrera, Maura Schlaff and Rebecca Zlatkin.

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Campaign U.S. Digital 40 Over 40

Linda Descano Named to Campaign US’ 2018 Digital 40 Over 40

We’re proud to announce that Havas PR Executive Vice President Linda Descano has been named to Campaign US’ 2018 Digital 40 Over 40. Continue Reading →

A Case for Rebranding the Older Worker

A case for rebranding the older worker

Originally published on CampaignLive.com.

The industry doesn’t seem to have room for many over 40. But once we reach that milestone, invisible can’t be the new normal.

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Sometimes It’s Good to Be a Know-It-All

At Havas PR, we aren’t interested in being everything to everyone. There are areas where we shine brighter than others. Certain stories we are more keen to tell. In two new booklets, we highlight our expertise in launches and openings as well as our particular passion for veterans and their families.

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61% of Women and 46% of Men Think Kids Should Be Raised Without Gender Stereotypes

Originally posted on FastCompany.com.

Brand owners should follow the lead already taken by Target in the U.S. and John Lewis in the U.K. to combat gender stereotyping by de-gendering their products, packaging, in-store experience, and other marketing communications–including advertising, new research published this week suggests.

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Boys Need Us to Help Free Them from the Tyranny of Gender Norms, Too

Originally posted on QZ.com.

When we talk about gender rights or gender equality, we invariably focus on girls and women. And that makes sense. It’s the female sex that for too long had been held back, denied even the most basic rights and opportunities, and constricted within a far smaller sphere than historically has been available to boys and men.

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4 Top Lessons Learned from Cannes Lions 2017

Recovering from jetlag post-Cannes Lions festival is a lot easier when you have a few awards to show for it. This year, Havas took 41 Lions and countless insights home from the seven-day festival. In the weeks since I returned to the states, there are four takeaways in particular that keep coming back to inspire me.

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